Ground Zero (one of my very first paintings)

Ground Zero (one of my very first paintings)

A heart felt and emotive subject and painting Val, even the palette you have used expresses your emotions of the experience. I understand that using art, word or drama etc can be a conduit to the subconscious and allow a healing process. I don't think anyone that witnessed what happened that day could not feel something, you're not alone. Well done also for completing a mamouth task, like clearing the attic!lol

A very well done work Val

A very poignant and evocative painting Val.

hard to believe it was so long ago, my memories are still fresh of that tragic day. A very evocative and expressive painting, worth showing again.

Very sad and tragic Val! This painting deserves a comment it is so evocative and extremely well done.

Hard too believe how much time has passed, brings back such sad memories, I love the pallet very dramatic effect.....

As Carole says...This deserves a comment....Sad days indeed...

I remember it as though it was yesterday, horrific and so well captured Val. Enough said...

Thank you for your comments everyone, I'm a great believer of art as therapy.

Well worth keeping , glad you've saved it. Well done.

Thank you Fred.

This brings back memories, Val. I watched live on television as my law firm's New York office was destroyed that day. This piece very much evokes the mix of emotions that many of us felt - horror, desolation, outrage and unbelievable bleakness. Everything about this piece speaks of the topsy turvy world we live in.

What an intricate work. It is a very special one Val. I think we all felt torn apart on the day!

Hang on Studio Wall

I spent the weekend, with the help of my son, clearing out the attic and came across a pile of paintings dating back to 2001 when I first started to dabble. I've now recycled all those paintings apart from this one as I remember the emotions it evoked at the time. I was so upset at all the visions I was seeing in the papers and on TV that I had to try and get them down in paint. After finding it all these years later I thought I would post it. No comments required or expected but thanks for taking a peek.

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