Whin on the Ochils

Whin on the Ochils

Like it, and as I remember you bought my e-book on oil painting. Well, as I'm pretty poor with pastels (although very good at alliteration!) I think you should write a book on pastel painting which I can buy....

Thanks Robert, you've just given me the boost I needed but I suspect you are teasing about a pastel e book. As I'm "unrestricted by formal teaching" I wouldn't want to lead "adult artists astray". ( I'm not much good at alliteration either :) )

Not a bit of it, Val - I think you have a great deal to offer to those seeking to paint in pastel, and if you wrote a book I'd most certainly read it.

Wonderful sky!

Never tried pastel Val, spend all my limited time on Watercolour, but as Robert says if you wrote a book on Pastels and put this super picture on the front cover, I'd buy it!!

You can add my name to the list for a copy Val! Take a look through your gallery and then tell us that you don't qualify to do a book....you most certainly do! And this is evidence to prove it.

I really love that sky Val and those hills are exceptionally beautiful.

Ps put my name down for the book!😉

That sky is wonderful Val and the whole painting comes together beautifully, I'm with the others you are very well qualified to write a book!

Very powerful and lovely.

Do you know Path of Condie Val? this looks like the road we travel when we go there. Beautifully done.

My sort of sky, in fact my sort of hills, in fact my sort of foreground - Yup my sort of painting. Now for the book!

I'm amazed I got such complimentary comments for this so thank you very much Sarah, Debs. Fiona,Carole,Christine, Shirley, Sylvia, Michael and Glennis. I don't think there will be an e book on pastels coming out any time soon though :)

Sylvia, yes I know Path of Condie. I live about 20miles west of there in one of the villages on the A91.( The road to St Andrews) I have a painting in my pastel gallery called "Westwards along the Ochils" painted from a photo my husband took and I'm pretty sure it was taken very near Path of Condie.

So nice to find someone who knows Path of Condie. I think the whole area is just glorious.

Writing a book or blog is a great idea Val; there is so little available for pastels. I had to stop using them because of allergies but when I started I had great difficulty finding anything helpful. There is lots for animals but not for views.

Love that very dramatic sky, Val. It's such an effective backdrop for a lovely scene.

Hang on Studio Wall

Soft pastel on colourfix. Another scene of the Ochils this time from the western end in spring. Now I'mm off to try the seaside collaboration :) Thanks for looking and I welcome any constructive criticism as I'm struggling with my art at the moment.

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