Self Portrait Challange

Self Portrait Challange

Oh, well done Val! It's not easy is it. You've managed to convey an expression of serious concentration and the eyes are lovely . Also, that's a lovely sheen to your hair. I've just completed number 4 and my husband kindly commented that it was better than my other frozen faces and followed by saying that I looked rather too young LOL. It's all good fun though and it's nice to put a face to you despite what your son says!

Good work Val, i really will have to have a go at this, i have been on Gudruns case about this already about where his attempt is, after all he was the one who said he felt a challenge coming on!

Tell me - were you ever a schoolteacher? Only I seem to recognize that basilisk stare when I was doing something awful at the back of the class...... You've not flattered yourself, that's for sure. Of course, I've no idea whether it looks like you or not, but your son should have a good idea. Incidentally, Ros P, I think Gudrun is a woman's name (well, I know it is) - you might wish to take that on board before it's too late and terminal offence is given........

Thanks for that pointer Robert on Gudrun's name, that is one thing i hadn't thought of! Hey Val thanks for that comment on my Rottweiller pastel and love the sideways swerve into where is my self portrait, i will have to get working on that one, love Roberts comment about were you ever a schoolteacher 'cos of the stare, is he a cheeky monkey or what!

No offence taken at all. It would have been a surprise when I posted my self-portrait, assuming I have made myself look like me! I have done self-portraits using a mirror and, yes, we all have that look. However, mine, in addition to the stare, had a good view up my nostrils too. Tilting mirrors are not wise. Good job.

Well hello Val - nice to meet you in'the flesh'! When I showed my sp to my husband and said 'who do you think this is?' he flatteringly replied you about 10 years ago!! so I know how you feel - men eh? Anyway glad you took up the torch and can't wait to see who else will be brave enough to have a go! ps all raven-haired beauties are banned!! lol x

Just posted mine, in response to these challenges: I am a raven-haired beauty (obviously) but have toned down my extraordinary beauty in order to ward off jealousy.

The more I look at this the more I think I look like one of Robbin Hoodie's scary caricatures especially with those eyes. LOL I'll have to have another go just to prove to Robert I'm not really his old teacher from..ahem..years ago. Gudrun you made me laugh, then I realised I could see up my nostrils as well........and my glasses are squint.

It's slightly easier using a photograph next time (today?) Val, especially following on from using a mirror as you've already looked closely and can see where you've gone wrong!

It's perfect and it comforts me that your eyes also have the mirror-self-portrait-Marty Feldman look that comes of staring at each eye individually (unless of course you have a natural squint, in which case I apologise - it's very charming!).

I think it is a great portrait and I love the 'now don't you dare, children' expression on your face. I am sure you have a completely different expression normally but the mirror does bring out this look of intense concentration on people's faces when they do a portrait by that method. I think you have achieved great skin tones, the eyes are also great as are the glasses. Gosh, this challenge is definitely throwing up some very good and interesting portraits!

Hey Val, you got my new hairstyle! But alas mine is greyer than grey. Well done I will have to have a go! He he.........

Louise, sorry no time today the sun was shining for a change here in Scotland so I just had to make the most of it but, in those immortal words, I'll be back!!

Kim, thanks for that, I actually laughed out loud and no I don't have a squint, well I don't think I do!

Carole, good choice on hairstyle but don't ask me what colour mine is I'd have to ask the hairdresser LOL Looking forward to seeing your SP but take my advice do it from a photo not a mirror, you don't want to end up with eyes like Marty Feldman!!

Hi Val, Ros P here, just see your comment on my Wesnesday pastel portrait of cat, very much appreciated, on that point you mentioned about oil and soft pastels together, it does work well doesn't it? especially with the cats eyes, oil pastels make for a much richer colour and blends on the edges as well which I like, glad you liked the cat anyway and good to see you got lots of comments on your self portrait, I have'nt got round to doing mine yet new ideas for animals keep getting in the way! xx

That frankness in execution accommodates and does not hide the wit and warmth within and without that frankness in the foundation nothing enduring can be made. Full steam ahead Val and thanks.

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Well Louise started it and then Debs challanged me so here is my contribution for what it is worth.( Thanks Debs, I thought you were a friend :) ) You can probably tell from the manic stare that I did it in front of a mirror. I thought it was going well when my son called in, looked over my shoulder and said " Oh, you're doing a self portrait" but finished with " looks nothing like you" ! I had thought of looking for a picture of a raven haired beauty and passing it off as me but, as you can tell, I resisted LOL

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