The Castelnou Cat

The Castelnou Cat

What a lovely picture. The colours are great too. Many thanks re the e-mail. I will give it a go!!!!!

It really is alive Jeannette, beautifully done, you,ve managed to capture that inquisitive but rather superior look that cats have. Very well done. Best wishes, Bill.

The colours look lovely on the velour, they give the cat a real shiney, furry look, if you know what I mean! ( Not good with words ). As Bill says you've captured the cats expression really well and I love the pink ears. Any cat lover would jump at the chance to own this, another winner.

Lovely one Jeannette, beautiful colours, especially the underpainting which gives it such depth.

How lovely and cute is that Kitten. Love your style too Jeannette. Excellent. Best regards Paul.

What an excellent pastel painting! The colors of the fur and the expression are superb. I completely understand Jazza, I wouldnt like to be looked at that way...

Hello jeannette, wow this is just lovely. you allways manage to capture your animal pics with such realisim, i thought i heard the cat..miow, i was just about to go and let it in.!! lol. the fur looks so very touchable, and silky. wonderfull, just gorgeous. i must be having a good day, i don;t think ..far i have made any spelling mistakes!! ( hooray !!) loli have just posted a pic,...and can you belive,...its appeared..again over the top of Bills lovely pic of Beached on the side bar.!!!! i think i would be happy to have one, that does.nt make us amature artist's work , look so,...well...amature!! lol. love Rhian.x

I was immediately attracted to this picture and was surprised to see it was yours because I know you're not a cat lover (unlike me, I love dogs too). An unusual angle and you made a good job of it. Love the colours and the expression. Those ears look so real. Well done.

Beautiful cat, gorgeous colours. I'm sure I saw the ears twitch, it is so life like.

What a fabulous painting, you have caught the essence of the cats characteristics in one painting, the colours are very striking. all in all a "BRILLIANT" painting.

picture draws your eye........beautiful ...........i love the colours

I think everyone has said it all - it's a lovely painting - the angle you've done it from is interesting too.

Agree with all of the above just beautiful...could pick him/her up looks alive

Sweet pussy cat, you have captured the texture of the fur lovely. I like the effects the velour has created and the strong depth of colours used, amazing!

just love this painting of the cat it is "BRILLIANT" so well done.

This is lovely Jeanette, looks just like my Rosie who was a feral can but has an ambition to be a house cat.

I would like to thank everybody for their very kind comments on this piece of work. You have all cheered me greatly - been a little down lately.

Really nice pastel work.well done.

I especially like the forshortening angle you have rendered. It gives me the feeling of looking down at the kitty. Your colors you used give it a whimsical and magical look

A beautiful little cat. I wish I could stroke her !!! (only females can be black,white and ginger.) Every thing is perfect.

Jeanette...I have just accessed your gallery...couldn't find it before for some reason, then saw a link on the 'side' gallery, so came in. I love your work, it is so versatile and colourful and lively. Love the pony., and your amusing comments about getting or not getting on board! I used to ride my sister's pony, but she was so fixated on my sister that she was jealous of me, and did her best to give me a hard time. So I abandoned ship eventually !

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The cat was very interested in Jazza my Border Terrier - who wasn't a bit interested in him/her. I took a few photos of the cat my husband couldn't understand why because I am not a cat person. I said I might want to paint it one day! Pastel on Velour 16 x 12

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