Only Five Chocolates

Only Five Chocolates

Yes Jeannette, and masterfully done. Every brushstroke and the subject itself is sooo good!!!!

Just logged on and caught this before it dropped off the end of the page. Pity someone didn't ration my chocolates at Christmas (and my wine) !!! Joking apart, a very lovely painting expertly done as usual even down to the well polished shine on the table. Like the prominence of the heart shaped chocolate set apart from the rest, were you trying to tell him something?

There's a lovely rich glow to your painting with fantastic light reflection. The choccys look so real !!

A lovely still life. The shine on the table give a glow to the whole painting. The glass of wine is very well painted, you can almost see the tiny bubbles of wine at the side. It is such a simple still life and you made it look so interesting. I gather you took a photo and worked from the photo itself.

No, no , no only one chocolate- the rest are mine! The table is magnificent.

Jeanette this is gorgeous.... hope you don't mind but am going to help myself to a choclate. agree with all previous comments, they look so real and expertly painted in your usual very talented hands. everything about this is stunning.

could just eat one of your chocs...............i love the glass..............

Being a chocoholic myself (who isn't?) I've been trying to identify these but to no avail! However, they certainly seem to have provoked lots of responses - a very nice piece of work Jeanette.

Fantastic sense of realism without being photographic. Lovely.

I have thanked you all personally for your comments and I will thank you all again!

Hi Jeannette. Thanks for your kind comments. Ditto to missing some of your work too! This one really proves you can make anything a painting subject, especially when executed so well.

Jeannette, this is a fabulous painting. I like the light, and the shine, and all the reflections in it.

WOW! I must have missed this yesterday Thank you so much for takeing the time to have a look at some of my work ......talented ???? that is a honour coming form one that has an amazing gift as yours.... Redbubble is a great place to show your work for FREE simply upload your images ...there are around 70,000 members who are all like minded and pass comments and help on each others work and to top it all RB sells your work for you in the form of cards, poster, etc have a look at mine....let me know what you think or if you need help see you over there...Tracey-anne

Jeannette, you just get better and better, beautiful painting, I love it.

Thanks for your comments on my Pen & Ink. ` Only five Chocolates` love the atmosphere it gives off, beautiful. Ray Doubell

Beautiful work Jeannette. You are getting very very good with your paintings !

Just lovely and tempting too!

Hello Jeannette, Lovely painting, lovely colours and very enjoyable to look at, thank you. Regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Fri 06 Feb 23:59:49

Wow just found this superb Jeannette. Best regards Paul

Very, very, very lovely painting! I love everything about it, the subject, the palette. The light is perfect! Thank you so much for your comment on my "Poppies".

My idea of heaven, in every way!

jeanette, i've just come across this painting. i think it's fabulous. your rendition of the glass is superb... the light on the plate is brilliant....i'm jealous !

Hang on Studio Wall

Christmas I gave my husband Alan five chocolates on a plate - rationed he is diabetic, then poured his wine, I looked at the table and thought it would make a good still life. This is more realism for me! Atelier Acrylic on canvas.

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