Dawn - Barton Point Minster

Dawn - Barton Point Minster

Superb painting love it. Excellent work best wishes Paul

Hi Jeannette, I like this one very much..... it has a special something

Love it...well done.

Beautiful colours, I can feel the cold. Sky fantastic.

You manage to put the viewer at the scene, very well done Jeannette, it really is beautiful. Best wishes Bill.

Just logged on an saw this painting. This is a lovely painting. I love the dark colours and the sky is very dramatic. The puddles are very well drawn with the reflections of the sky. Regards Lorraine. P.S. Thanks for your comments and advice to my last post, I had the strong shadow adjusted and looks much better.

Hi Jeanette, thanks for your comment on gloxinia. Had a few exhibitions at local library and health centre over past 2 to 3 years, which havent done bad, sold quite a few, but the last one, sept time didn't sell well. Still, it's nice to get some positive feedback and people enjoy looking at them. I have another in April and one in Nov next year, so keeping fingers crossed. Here'e hoping the financial situation perks up by then ! ( not sure it will in the next 5+ years the way things are going). Hope you have a lovely christmas and plenty of sales in the New Year! All the very best, Carole x

Great painting Jeannette! Very dramatic and I agree with Bill, you know how to put us at the scene.

HI Jeanette, this is another superb painting... the sky is gorgeous... and reflections in the icy water are beautifully rendered. it's no wonder i'm not painting any more!.... oh how i wish i could produce such excelent works....i agree with all of previous comments.just looking at it ... makes me want to put my coat..and gloves on.yes people do not take time to look at the sky .. its such a wonderfull thing to do, i just ADORE them... i have allways had an affinity with them,and it seems you have too. but still copping out at mo.... just solitary walks now..with camera in tow. no luck with finding a new friend yet.. will leave it till new year.. still feeling a bit low. i think i wrote to you , on one of my photos... but there are so many... i cannot remeber which one!!! its hard to keep track of who has remarked and on what..lol. Anyway if i could capture the essence of a landscape the way you do.... oh boy ! how i wish. kind regards irene.

Another stunning painting Jeanette. Just so good as they always are.

Thanks for your comments about my watercolour it's much appreciated. I like this painting, the cool colours give it that atmosphere. Clever use of the forground puddles working with the cloud formations to achieve strong perspective lines. Thanks again

Just catching up on what I have missed this past week, been indisposed with a really bad chest infection and I'm not even a smoker!! Managed to eat a little breakfast this morning so I think I might be on the mend now. Dave says I must have been feeling bad as I haven't even attempted to lift a paintbrush for a week ! The one one good thing is I had it before Christmas and not over Christmas. This is another stunner Jeannette the light in the sky is amazing as are the reflections, beautiful colours too. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, love Val.

I Enjoy the coolness, lovely painting amazing gallery !

Your painting really grabbed me, especially the cloud effects & reflections on the ground, just one word "Brilliant" Regards Max

Lovely work and I can feel the cold in that blue sky!

Hang on Studio Wall

Dawn was breaking on our way back - very cold light snow. The sky was clearing. They were ahead. I stayed watched the sky it was magnificent shining on the ice reflecting the sky. Alkyd Oil on Canvas

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