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In 1991, I completed a degree to teach Primary School children, a BEd Hons, majoring in Art. I worked as an Occupational Therapist carrying out craft activities with young adults of learning disabilities. I kept up my painting with compiling illustrations for friends on two occasions. In between I copied paintings from calendars and illustrations out of books. I went onto getting an interest in making greetings cards and enjoyed holding craft fairs, until I eventually moved to the Outer Hebrides. A dream of a lifetime to paint everything including: the otters, seals, sheep, highland cattle, the skies and sunsets, sea and beaches, Callanish Stones, wild flowers, birds and butterflies. I have been living on the Isle of Lewis for 12 years and enjoyed an experience of a lifetime, including living back to nature in the wildest parts of the Islands in a motorhome for two years from 2005-07. I have gained much sensory feelings of the whole landscape and loved painting it. All of my work on this website, painters-online, has been developed from living in the most beautiful parts of the Hebrides. Enjoy browsing my portfolio and I welcome many comments.

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Debbie Cullis

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