Scudding Clouds Minster 08

Scudding Clouds Minster 08

This is lovely, just what I needed on a cold miserable December day, a reminder that spring is just around the corner. The clouds and the white horses are great and the daffs are definately dancing in the breeze. A beautiful bright painting.

I like how you have done the forground, the shadows of clouds on the sea is extremely good.

So very well done Jeannette, you got the colours of the sea so very well and I do love these daffodils !

Thank you Val, Carole and Beatrice. I can still feel that day - gorgeous - I really enjoyed painting it.

Hello jeannette, thankyou so much for comments on my photos. we do have something in common don't we.... lovely walks at the very best time of day... dawn. how lovely it was of you to describe your walks with your dogs on the beach the way you described it ... i could allmost hear the sea and smell the ozone....mmmm.. wonderfull. i love the sound of the sea and would consider myself lucky to live near it. the coast here is a 20 mile drive away... bit too far for a walk. sorry you didn't realise i was the same irene , comments on my artwork!! my fault for not putting my name on them! haven't been thinking clearly over the last 2 weeks. i was devastated at the loss of my bonny boy but am slowly coming to terms with it, so now i walk alone allthough i'm sure he is with me in spirit. i might get another one when the time is right.. have been looking at rescue sites ( poor things! ) but most are lurchers...rotties..or staffies. would love another poodle cross.. the only one i found was 14yrs old? so would possibly only have for a year or two, just learn to love them.. and then go through the heartache again. cannot find any poodle rescue centres anywhere?? anyway jeannette nice to meet you too . loving this painting.. can allmost feel the wind on my face. oh and if i didn't know better it looks like one of mathew ormstans paintings , so very well done you . i know you like his work as i do. have a great christmas and a happy new year . and give Jazza a hug from me . kind and best wishes Irene. ( kemp ).

A great painting Jeannette, lovely clouds and sea and the foreground flowers are very well painted. Wish I could walk along this place, along the sea every day.

What a lovely painting. Everything about it is fantastic. Many thanks for your help with my landscape. I was painting another one and will try the glaze on it (and on the other one). It is so good to get nice comments and constructive help too, thanks.

You,ve really captured the atmosphere Jeannette, very well done, it,s a beautiful painting. Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year. Bill.

ohh, I've missed this one. What a beautiful scene!!! Such a good painting!

This is great Jeannette, I can really feel the wind off the sea. Great colours as well.

this is a really lovely painting. the colours, composition and textures are so real

thanks for your lovely comments.................this is amazing love the sky

Just checking if I missed one of your painting. Again, this one is beautiful. I emailed you through your address, I hope you got it! Best wishes, Nora.

Thanks for your comments on my pastel. Hope your migraine is a lot better, never suffered from them myself thank goodness. Hope you and your family have a Very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, love and best wishes Val.

Beautiful painting - love the freedom with which it was painted

Really nice painting, love the sky and the foreground.

Posted by John Cox on Sat 12 Sep 12:58:37

So glad I looked into your gallery, I missed this one! This is a beautiful painting, lovely colours and it's so fresh and full of energy. Well done!

This is another piece that I really like. It's really difficult to paint such a scene from this type of angle, but you have pulled it off admirably. The colors are really gorgeous.

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It was a beautiful morning walking the dog on Minster Cliffs (I have done plein air work there but not this day to windy). The wind was pushing us on, the sea was heavy, the clouds scudding by, the wild Daffodils on the cliffs were nodding their pretty heads - gorgeous time of the year. Alkyd Oil on Canvas

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