Jeannette's Bluebells

Jeannette's Bluebells

Looks like you've had fun, too. Brush strokes just going for it!

Very Mystical in detail love it!! regards Paul.

Agree with Paul, it is mystical. Love the colours.

Lovely colours, with no specific details which makes the painting more interesting. Wish I could be 'wild' with my brush strokes.

This is a very happy mistake then! I hope you had a wonderful vacation! I've been in Buenos Aires with the family to come back home and run to New York to be a grandmother!!!!!! I still cannot quiet my mind to paint or draw, too much excitement I guess. Maybe I should do what you did here and see what happens?

Lovely painting. Sunny and warm.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Jeannette.

Thank you Jeannette! I just turned 54 and I feel young if I don't look in the mirror. Quoting my daughter, her baby Victoria Grace, has a hot-sexy-grandma, haha. I think I will start randomly pouring paint in an old canvas to get me going. You are always an inspiration!

Missed this one yesterday. Just been checking what I'd missed in the forum and read your thread, so here I am for a look. Lovely warm painting, I love bluebells, and I really like the impressionistic style. Sometimes when things go wrong it can be a blessing in disguise. I sold a watercolour last week of three birch trees that started life the other way up as a stormy sky that went horribly wrong. I nearly tore it up but I turned it upside down and, hey presto, my sky had turned into moorland. It can only happen with watercolour!!

It's me again!! Thanks for your comments on Azalea, much appreiated. It's a wonder you spotted it all the number of paintings that are appearing on the site, just goes to show how popular POL is.

This is really lovely Jeannette. I have never tried oils but this is inspiring.

I love the energetic brushwork, which might seem at odds with the tranquility of the scene, but it works! A lovely painting. Regards John

very magical....................lovely

Have just seen this one. Wow! I just love it.

Where has it been hiding? What a peaceful sunny bluebell wood. Love your technique- brilliant.

Hang on Studio Wall

After a disaster with the original a painting of Colluire French holiday nice scene boats reflections. (decided it was a mess painted over with Gesso and undercoated with acrylic) I just painted away and this developed. Oil on canvas 24 x 18 (Very enjoyable)

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