Blue Dawn Minster

Blue Dawn Minster

Hi Jeannette, what can i say ...Acrylic, colourfix and oil pastel my favourite tools of the trade and used very well here in your signature style (i could tell from the thumbnail that it was a Harrison even before i saw your name). did you underpaint with acrylic then add clear colourfix primer over the top? i have tried the colourfix primers but never seem to get the same tooth as the ready bought colourfix paper so i now just buy the colourfix sheets. i have tried oil pastel directly over acrylic but find the surface a bit slippery, clear colourfix primer or golden pastel primer adds a bit of tooth but i still prefer the feel of oil pastel straight onto ready bought colourfix paper. How did you find using these 3 materials together?. what brand/s of oil pastels do you use/prefer....sorry for all the questions ....Steve

What a lovely image!

Thank you so much Steve and Lesley. Steve I have answered you on your gallery.

Glorious outpouring of colour....great movement of wind and waves...the really great outdoors! I haven't seen the sea for years, so thank you, Jeannette.

A wonderful painting - the colours in the sky and the waves .... lovely.

Beautiful summery colours. So fresh.

Snap! We seem to be painting along the same lines at the moment. We spent a lovely sunny day at St andrews last month ( probably our one day of summer!!) and took lots of seascape photos. Some I have done in pastel and I am working on one in oils. This is lovely, wonderful colours and that sky!!!! How are you finding oil pastels? I have a sample box of DR (??) ones, quite cheap but they don't seem to want to blend, fingers must be too cold. Cold hands warm heart as the saying goes! Ha Ha.

Val, sennelier they are so creamy especially when hands are WARM and blend so well. Mine are usually very COLD using the pastels soon warmed them up! Thank you all so very much for your very kind comments.

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Another early morning on Minster Beach. Windy and gorgeous waves. Acrylic and oil pastel on Heavy toothed colourfix. 20 x 16

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