Dinner on the Terrace

Dinner on the Terrace

A lovely still life Jeannette, the wine glasses are just great, the reflection inside them is lovely. Thanks for your comments, I will lighten the flowers and leaves a little thanks for advice.

Sorry, missed this one yesterday. As Lorraine says, another lovely still life. Your treatment of the tablecloth and glasses is superb. You know it's a white tablecloth, but it has so many nice colours in it and the glasses are excellent. (No wonky bottoms!!) Very well done, Val

like thisone to,agree with the others, i find it very peaceful and calming, great

Up to your usual standards Jeannette - can picture myself dining there with a lovely lady - romantic music in the background - a warm summer evening - maybe the soft sound of waves gently lapping at the seashore not too far away - better stop there before I get carried away and ask if you are free tonight !!!!

Absolutley Stunning Jeanette, you have been very busy, I have been over to Spain Jeanette, and now am waiting for my company for the next month, so if I am not around thats why lol. Thankyou for your comment on poppy explosian, I did two in acrylic, one I sold the other my son claimed, then this watercolour and on with a oil in the same composition of squares, I have been trying to find a niche what I beleive no one else, ------------I have also just been accepted to go in a book with the autumn gold too, called the living planet. Congratulations on your sales, was this at your last exhibtion?, you have done really well.

What a lovely painting, Jeannette. I agree with the other comments. Your work just gets better and better. I have just posted three pics. Let me know what you think please.

I love this painting. Every element of it. Just perfect!

I like this one, very well observed,I really like the bright splash of red around the painting it gives it real zing! well done.

Hello Jeannette, Super work, well done, your search for colour in objects is paying off, not just in the glassware but in the other areas of the painting too. I see that you have sold 'Red Venitian Festival' I'm not surprised, someone got a bargain! Thank you for your comments, it is very much appreciated, We don't live in the Lake District but we do have a static caravan there and we try to go there every fortnight for a few days, always inspirational. Kind regards Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Thu 17 Jul 09:48:32

Thanks for your kind words Jeannette! this piece is brilliant :)

This is a great composition, and the roses are really good!

Jeanette, this is one of my favorites of all your work. It is a inviting place setting of dreams to come. It is where a engagement could be started; a aniversary; and also celebrated intimately birthdays. It is a beautiful place to have a meal in such a rich setting as you rendered here.

Hi, I amy be very late in replying you, but being not a frequent visitor here, and with lots of server probs, I couldn't reply you.Thanks.All your works are amazing....especially this acrylic.The glasses are superb!

I like the bold contrast of red against white and once again a lovely composition.

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Terrace overlooking l Lake Como. Impression from a photo by Mandy Davies. Roses Courtesy of Jeannette - Acrylic on boxed canvas

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