Port Argeles Le Cafe

Port Argeles Le Cafe

Love this. The trees are incredible and the way the shadows on the building define it without showing every single detail. The cool bluer in the sky looks like a heat haze.

Agree with Diana's comments, the trees are fantastic and such colours, wish I was as daring. Very loose too, reminds me of the work of Hazel Soan. Thanks for commenting on Jeans Hydrangea. Jean is my 83 year old neighbour and I pinched one of hers to paint as hers are a much nicer colour than mine!! ( With her permission of course )

Beautiful use of colour to describe the scene. The trees are wonderful in the way that they pick up the colours used in other areas of the painting. Also love the undefined look of the work - leaves you room to fill in on your own, which to me makes you really engage with the painting. Great work.

Super, Jeannette. Lovely free brush strokes and colours, I like the lilac colours very harmonious implying a lovely relaxing setting

Those unforgettable summer days, when we drank our fill of sun and laughter beneath wind rustled emerald. Brilliant frolic of color.

I to love the lilac colours, its very refreshing I hope one day I will paint as good as this with water colours, love it :).

Gorgeous colours again, lovely free dashes of the brush.

Agree with the above that the trees are great with the variety of colours you painted them in. A very vibrant painting where you paint little detail but everything is recognizable. Thanks for your comments on my posts. This is the one thing I have to change in my paintings, I go too much in detail and probably this results in the viewer losing interest. What do you think?

Thank you so much everyone. Haven't used the medium for a while. It is nice when the result is a happy one.

Lovely Jeannette, really captured the mood. As Val says, very Hazel Sloan ish colours quite unusual but very effective.

Lovely. The trees are fantastic. They are all good - I won't bother you with a comment for each one.

I missed this one Jeannette, pics' go through so fast now. What is there left to say....... ? It's quite beautiful. Your watercolours are so free and relaxed, they make it look it easy!!!!! Your interpretation is so imaginative and lively. Thanks for your comments on my pics ; they 're such a help when one is struggling to learn.Have a good day!

This is wonderful. The palm trees are superb. Thanks for your kind comments.

Dear Jeanette, I feel very humbled by your compliments when I see the consummate ease and skill with which you paint. Just lovely! Is this the Argeles on the Spanish border? I spent a holiday there as a young boy way back in 1963 - just a few houses and fishing boats then.

Hang on Studio Wall

After having a disastrous day working on a pastel - I decided to paint a quick watercolour. Late October Port Argeles another favourite Cafe. I used the new W&N Smalt (Dumont's Blue). A free giveaway from Ken Bromley Art. Lovely cool blue which mixed well with other colours ie Alizarin and Hookers Green. Watercolour on Bockingford 425gsm

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