Salcombe turns to Autumn

Salcombe turns to Autumn

Wow Jeanette your pastels are lovely. This is beautiful, my hubbys family all live in Devon too and we have been on this beach. Your detail and colours are fantastic! Do you give lessons?!

Gorgeous area around there...You have captured the mood spot on...with the Devon leaning trees.

One of my favorite places, particularly like the colours you have used in the sand and foreground - lovely palette! Did you go crabbing?:)

Love all the textures in this painting. Glorious colours too. Your clouds are just brilliant. It's lovely Jeanette.

This is a very original interpretation of a Devon beach - lovely colours and sparkling sea. When the sun's out, England is as beautiful as anywhere!

Ah, this brings a touch of summer back ... very well observed.

Hi there Jeannette. How was your summer? What a wonderful painting. I love the colours. Must have a look at all your work.

Thank you so much everyone. Hazel I have answered you on your gallery. Lesley, no left the crabbing to nephew and niece they love it. I'm glad you like my impression of Salcombe because it certainly made an impression on me. You all keep me going thanks once again.

Love your treatment of the foreground and full of all those amazing colours you use. You're on a roll at the moment aren't you? Wonderful.

Jeannette thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Away to shop tomorrow to get those thin pastels.

LOve the rocks. I really should try a landscape in pastel. This is gorgeous.

Hi Jeanette, beautiful clear bright colours, I love the sandy forground. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

What a great place to have a holiday, looks very inviting, wonderful pastel work.

Lovely pastel work, the reflections, wet sand and lush vegetation. I used to play on those beaches as an infant when we lived there(long ago !). Visited again last year and was also inspired.

This is such a beautiful place. I like the cliff covered in trees, sky and the interesting colours of the foreground sand. I really would like to thank you for the detailed explanation to my my last post. I have followed it carefully and have made a few changes in the painting, where I could. Regards Lorraine.

Fantastic picture, no other word for it. You have inspired me to keep going with pastels, a medium I have yet to really get to grips with. I particularly like the beach, lovely texture of wet sand. Well done!

You have captured this place beautifully, have visited it a few times, we live in Devon & have lovely scenery, wouldn't live anywhere else.

This is a beautiful picture. I like the way you worked out the rock with the overhanging trees. There is so much sunshine in that picture. Fantastic.

Congratulations on your son's wedding. Even if the weather is not ok, make a nice day of it (we call it "a day with a star". Thank you for commenting on my work.

A gentle and peaceful beach scene.. Clearly a 'Harrison' :) Nice work indeed. regards John

I somehow missed this one Jeanette. It's a lovely pastel; and it brings back memories of youth for me. I must get around to a few more beach scenes myself; although, I keep saying that! Thanks for posting this. Regards John

No I didn't miss it after all! There you go; two for the price! John

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We recently stayed in Devon for a week. My sister suggested we visit Salcombe. I'm really glad we did. The sea was sparkling. The overhanging trees on both sides of the bay was saying paint me - one of those days when you feel glad to be alive. A peaceful setting and mans best friend. Pastel on Burgundy colorfix 20 x 16

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