Time for Tulips

Time for Tulips

I like tulips better when they are drooping Jeanette, they seem to have more character! These look very good, I like the appearance of light shining through the paler ones. ( Worth the pain, )well done.

Very lovely painting, great light in this.

Love the light and the full blown flowers. I love the way tulips make their own shape. I'm just not sure about the background colour. The flowers blend into it rather than standing proud.

I see Diana's point, but I do like the light you've got. Not drawing the subject first - very skilfull.

Yes, very skillful indeed. The glass vase and the light. I also like the tulips drooping better. Another beautiful painting Jeannette.

I love the way you have captured these tulips drooping, a well composed painting.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. At least with pastel your can rectify any mistakes in perspective not so easy with watercolour! PS Diana and Lynda my husband commented on the painting!!! 'Don't those Tulips stand out' Might be the photograph - they glow.

I really like those diagonal strokes, makes the painting really striking. Tulips are painted very well.

Gosh, this is so good! You didn't draw the flowers first? You are so clever Jeannette.

Why do I keep missing yours ?!! A lovely vase of tulips, they wouldn't have looked natural standing up straight. You're a clever lady, I'd not have thought about trying gouache with pastel for the highlights, I must give it a go. The background looks good with all those diagonal lines, almost abstract, but I disagree with Diana to me the tulips do stand out, and so does the glass vase.

This is very good. I love the treatment of the vase. The background is very interesting too.

This is very good. I love the treatment of the vase. The background is very interesting too.

Hello Jeannette, just lovely,....... shsssssssss..!!! i dissagree with Diana too,..!!! they do stand out,..allmost in 3-d...love them, beautifully painted. ooooooops !!! spelling lessons still needed. its not the spelling.....really,..its me hiting all the wrong keys..!! lol Rhian. x

I just came across this painting in the gallery. I really like it. The tulips are beautiful. The tulips do not look to me as if they were flopping. They look like elegant ballerinas.

Hi Jeannette, like Val. it is difficult to devote time equally to the many favorites that I have here...it all looks natural and it all works at many levels...as ever I like what I see in it...

Have to totally disagree with Dianas comments, I think you have the colours spot on as usual Jeannette. love, Bill

This is another beautiful painting, beautifully depiction of light and tulips. I'm very sorry about your loss, Jeannette, take care & very best wishes, Colleen

Jeannette, I 'm sorry to hear about the loss of your father, I have been through it 22 yrs ago. It is very hard on you and mostly your mother due to her age. I missed you on the site and I thought you were busy with the garden. From experience, time is the only thing that heals the pain and remember the happy times you passed together. Regards Lorraine. Thks for your comments.

Hello Jeannette, i'm so sorry to hear about your loss, i agree with lorraine totally, i can fully understand how you must be feeling, as i too lost my dearest father, some 4 & half years ago, its so heartbreaking, you think that the pain will never leave you, i know we all say its only time that heals, but belive me when i say this,...it is, you will one day,...think of your dad, and you will smile, instead of filling up with tears, and when that day comes, .."and it will, i promise you. you will have the will and strength to paint again. so do not chide yourself for not having the will at the moment, you are allowed to give yourself that time, to heal. we all miss you very much here me especially, as your a ,..( to use one of your favourite saying ).."a smashing lady " take care. Love Rhian.xx

thankyou jeannette, for your lovely coments on my work, i too at the moment am unable to paint i have had a bit of upset within my family and all is a bit topsy turvy as they say. im sorry if i upset you with my words of comfort, well i know what you meant by it, you were all here for me when ive been in despair over the loss of my beloved dog, and losing the will to paint so i just want to say, that i'm here for you too. if you ever need a ditzy can't spell for toffees kind of friend then please if you want to, e-mail me anytime [email protected] Love Rhianx

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I liked the look of the Tulips flopping in the vase and the sunlight. I used Burgundy Colourfix pastel paper. I didn't draw the subject first. I painted the highlights using white Gouache, I then used soft pastel. All those dashes not so good when you have arthritic fingers and wrists but I thoroughly enjoyed painting it. Mixed media 20 x 16

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