Monets Lily Pond

Monets Lily Pond

I like this work Jeannette, you make me want to try painting with oil...

Wow, all my favourite colours ! Acrylic and oil pastels work well together I find and they certainly worked in this one. Very striking and impressionistic, I love it.( I'm sat at the computer instead of painting as I'm lacking inspiration AGAIN! )

I like this. Those lily pads are really floating! Superb.

I particularly like the tonal depth and reflections in the water, and I'm a glutton for vibrant colour, marvellous!

A feast for the eyes! Great recession and gorgeous colours. The oil pastel used on the canvas makes for beautiful wisteria. Thanks very much for your comments on my work Jeanette. This is the second time today i've been on the computer, no work done yet!!

Its better than Monets!!!!!!

Well im taking my glasses off to paint now!!!

Jeanette - this is lovely - great colour choices

I love it! Gorgeous colours.

Jeannette what a treat to the eyes ! I wonder what Monet would think of this. It is superb.


Absolutely superb !!!

A brilliant painting Jeannette....

Really lovely painting, frothy, frondy wisteria, so graceful, and the colours are beautiful, I could lose myself in this.

Goodness everyone beat me to it. Totally agree with all the previous comments. A fabulous picture I'd be proud to have in my house. I think Monet would be thrilled.

Beautiful choice of colours and great reflections.

I would like to thank everyone sincerely for their very kind comments on this work.

This is fabulous, such rich colours and I agree with evryone's comments. A bit late on the uptake but I've swapped my paint brush for a wallpapering brush! and can only get a look whilst hubby is gluing! How brave of you defying the security guards..........! Keep at it!

Beautiful. I love the mix of detail and impressionist design.

Hello Jeannette, this is my favorite! Love colors, composition, reflections, all of it!

Jeannette this is a stunning painting, such beautiful colours, absolutely love it.

Hi Jeannette, somewhere I wanted to go when we were in France, but sadly never got there. Beautiful colours and a beautiful painting as usual, well done. Many thanks for your comments on my seascape W.I.P., still a long way to go yet!!

Beautiful, picture, this sequence of pictures is superb, Monet woujld be delighted

I don't know about Monet being delighted........every one who have seen this seems delighted with it including us......the colours really stand out you deserve a medal.

wow what a beautiful painting love the colours and the painting draws you in brillant

Jeannette, this it just so vibrant and alive. The mixed media seems to add another dimension. It makes me want to reach for the pastels!

Thank you for your comment Jeanette, i quite like working in biro! Your paintings are beautiful, i particularly like this one..the colours are very rich, i would have thought it was an oil painting! well done.

Oh how i wish I could paint like this; wonderful dry brush (or dry pastel) work; incredible colours and such freedom.

Hang on Studio Wall

I visited Monets garden in June 07. I have painted a couple of oils since. Ideas taken from many photos I had taken. It was a little embarrassing when I walked into Monets house and started to click away and two security men came up to me - no photographs! I had fun with this one Acrylic and oil pastel on Canvas board 16 x 11.

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