The Day Went Well

The Day Went Well

Nice and strong/colourful and like the light on the water which gives it atmosphere, Well painted Dave P

Posted by X X on Mon 30 Mar 12:20:47

Beautiful all around. I love that cloud, It is coming toward me!

Great sky and I love the silvery light on the sea.

I just love those clouds and the foreground is so colourful, makes me wish I could be there. This is what I meant about painting colouful pieces, I paint a cold grey December day and wonder why I didn't enjoy it, and you produce a beauty like this. I know which sort I'm painting from now on !!!

Beautiful painting Jeannette, love the vibrancy of the colours, and the cloud gives great atmosphere to the scene. Very well painted. Best wishes, Bill

Lovely scene, I like the mauve colour in the cloud which is reflected in the forground flowers. Have you salted the top right? it looks good where that glimpse of yellow shows.

Thanks Jeanette, sorry get carried away with my watercolours. I had read that you used pastel, then forgot while I was concentrating on your beautiful painting !! Thanks for telling me how you did it. PS I love POL too. Carole x

Just had to search for this one as it had been pushed off front page. I LOVE that sky with the slight hint of sun shining through . I am so jealous. That's what I so badly want to produce. But what gets me most is the colours you've used for the sea; absolutely wonderful. Do you have any idea what colours they are or are you like me and end up with a box of unnamed pastels?

Another fantastic picture. I really love the sky in this one.

AS ALLWAYS Jeanntte, .....................SIMPLY .......... SUPERB..... agree with Diana, you make us all ,..SO ENVIOUS,...with your wonderful talent. love Rhian. x

Agree with the above comments, I love everything about this painting; from the sky to the foreground. Well done Jeannette.

What can i say a......FANTASTIC......Painting..........I should keep this one Jeannette one of your best!!!

I would like to thank you all so very much for your very kind comments. I wasn't sure at first whether I was going to get the desired affect with this one. It wasn't until I came away from the painting that the clouds seem to be working!!!

Thank you jeannette for comments on( a walk in the park) i just love all your work your so versatile quite envious,have left a reply on my page

Wonderful piece! I love the rich colors, I think the sky is formidable and the light on the water is perfect. I love it!

Lovely pastelling,well done.

Beautiful painting, gorgeous use of colours - makes me wish I could be there ! Jacky G.

Beautiful colour and stunning light!

Hello Jeannette, So sorry about your loss,it's understandable how you feel. I'm sure you will paint again soon and the first paintings will be for him. Take care, kind regards, Joe.

Posted by Joe Hush on Mon 01 Jun 07:54:55

Beautiful work, it makes my heart sing!

Hang on Studio Wall

Heavy cloud, the sun started to shine July 08 Minster Cliffs. I decided I would come back and paint plein air using oil. Local library wanted some local scenes. This is a pastel painting of that morning.

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