A Taste of Summer

A Taste of Summer

great sense of light you've captured

Ah my sort of still life...dappled shade, a warm day, some red wine, a little food, some good company...people watching spot...you have transported me...

Gorgeous colours and textures...very inviting!

A lovely painting. Agree with the above, gorgeous textures, colours, tones - beautiful.

Lovely rich colour, great subject. I like the basket weave on the chair, expertly painted. Thanks Jeanette for your valuable input on my work.~~~ Carole.

A very pleasing subject in every sense of the word! Beautifully painted, love the relections.

Hi Jeannette, thanks for your comment on my Tree sketch, the Acrylic gouache paints are very nice to use straight from the jar....they are quite liquid / fluid but very opaque..... I painted the tree as a black silhouette first with the bright green and blue sky holes painted on top, no bleed through , 100% coverage and no mud....i must admit considering they are only £1.95 for 35ml pots from Jacksons..i was absolutely thrilled with them (colour range isn't huge but all the mixing primarys are available).......... their biggest drawback (or benefit depending on viewpoint) is their drying time.... these things dry waterproof on the palette faster than regular acrylics..yep i really did say FASTER... i quickly learned to just dispense small amounts at a time. they dry velvety matt just like regular gouache and for fast sketching suit me perfectly.... they also break down in isopropyl alcohol so if they dry on the brush you can rescue it. I'm sure they also have uses watered down, but i love the covering power of them neat..... i definitely think they are my 'Best Find' of 2009.....Steve

I like this a lot. You've got colour, form and texture. Superb.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is another painting I had deleted from my portfolio, my second still life, finding inspiration from Beatrice after seeing her beautiful still life on POL. Acrylic on Boxed Canvas

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