Mauve & Green

Mauve & Green

I like these jeannette my fav is the red one the colour is so striking!!

Great paintings Jeannette, I agree with Linda. Regards.

I was wondering when you were going to do some more Jeannette. I had much admired the first ones. This one is a beautiful addition.

Strong composition with the focus and detail in the mask, and lovely colour combination. I think the festival is in February, have you been lucky enough to go?

I really love this series of paintings Jeannette....This is my new favourite....The eyes connect with you as you look at her...Brilliant !!!....Steve.

Love these paintings Jeannette....the colours in this is superb........Betty has one similar to this in miniture that a friend brought back for her from Venice last year.

I like the way you have made the face so detailed with the swirly misty colours as background. Lovely combination. Beautiful series this.

Thank you all so very much. Lesley I haven't been, my sister and her friend Mandy have many times. I always ask them for reference photos. This was a study from one of Mandy's photos.

Intrigue, personified. Super Jeannette. I have a small collection of Venetian masks collected on my various little trips, my rather kinky sounding favourite one, is a leather one moulded with a harlequin design which I actually bought in Barcelona in a tiny tiny shop which sells only masks. Very strange but somehow intriguing. The Venetian ones are more flamboyant but not quite as spooky. Yours is stunning. Fab job. ( I hasten to add that I have never worn them, but they are displayed in my dining room which I have done out in Venetian style, in other words maybe a bit over the top.)

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my fourth painting in the series Venice Festival. I had a thing about the masks. Taken from a photo by a friend of mine. Acrylic on Canvas.

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