The view from Driftwood

The view from Driftwood

Hi Jeannette...the colours you use are so look at the thumbnail & I knew it was yours...I like what I see here...

This looks interesting - works well. When you say water soluble wax, could you be a bit more specific? I'd like to have a go!

I think the cypress looks great and the colours are fantastic.

Thank you Phil, Robert and Karleen. Robert, they are artists quality Neoart watersolube wax pastels. I am sure they will be great used on canvas, paper etc and mixed media. The first strokes I used were light, I used them just like watercolours diluting them with water as washes - trees land river etc. I waited for them to dry and then pressed hard with the wax, using the same technique as I went along.

Had exactly the same thoughts about your colours as above. This glows! Sounds an interesting technique, Jeannette. ........... If your fingers problem is arthritic I'm about to try a new Gel developed by a company of researchers called Intramed, they will send me a free sample. I already use a funny little aid of theirs, , like a thick fountain pen which delivers short sharp (not painful) impulses which stimulate the endorphins (natural painkillers) in the brain. I find it works for the pain in my neck and head, hands and feet, and my spine. and means I can cut down on tablets. Will let you know if and when they send it for me to try.

Thanks Jeannette, I think I've seen those and will give them a go. Ruth, that would be the PainGone pen, wouldn't it? I have one - good for some kinds of pain, not sure it does much for the inflamed joints and outgrowths that are often at the root of arthritic problems, but do let us know how you get on with the gel - this site has many facets.... Soluble wax AND pain relief! Oh, Jeannette, many thanks for your kind words on my Cottage Ruins: I wish I could paint them today, with the rain lashing down: would be spectacular. And very, very wet...

Jeannette you're a STAR! I didn't know about the forum posting of Invitation to view. Thank you so much and I will do that...will ask my computer whizz friend (POL Julia Benning) from across the lane to show me how....I'm not that brilliant with I.T. really. Thanks again....It is a bit of a blow when you move off so fast, isn't it, but there we are, it does happen. Ruth

Very interesting effects Jeannette, seems very adventurous to this old "Philistine", but you certainly seeme to have roused a lot of interest (albeit medical lol)

Lovely unusual effect. I think the tree looks good, another dimension.

This is great. Wonderful colours. You are able to paint wonderful paintings with any medium it seems. I still try landscapes now and then but still get nowhere! Thanks for the e-mail, will reply soon.

Hi Jeannette, i love the neoarts and neocolour II water soluble crayons for their use in quick sketches, i find them far less messy than oil pastel or dry pastel when working plein air. I generally use them without water and use heavy finger pressure to warm the wax and blend them into the texture of the soon end up without finger prints though!. If the Neoarts are a bit too chunky try the Neocolour II crayons, thy are more crayon sized and i think ever so slightly softer. (Lyra aquacolor crayons are a great alternative too but not as readily available in the UK).... I like the Foreground tree in this one, i think it pulls the composition together. keep up the good work....Steve

lovely colours

Posted by nry kmv; on Wed 04 Nov 23:28:07

This is so interesting to see Jeannette as we were discussing this medium, watersoluble wax, at our art class this week. The effects you have achieved here are lovely and very vibrant. Thanks for the info - might give it a go at a later date. Thanks also for your recent comment on my work.

Thank you so much for your comment on Weaver's Triangle; lots of shadows. I missed this one. You are so brave to use this medium. I tried once and made a terrible mess. It's worked so well and is so vibrant. BTW my painting isn't through to the Mall Gallery yet; only to second round judging but the other one is at Bankside from Dec 2nd to 6th. I have tickets for the preview evening on the 1st if you are there then. No way can I get down. But you have to inform them if you are going.

Just having another look at your lovely gallery, Jeannette. This is stunning and absorbing. Inspired now to have a go at watersoluble wax. Take care, Colleen xx

Many thanks Jeannette for your comments on Culross Palace; one I need to have another go at. I have missed your work recently; hadn't seen any of these wonderful colours before. Is it a new medium for you that's producing these beautiful bright paintings or just a new palette? These really are strikingly lovely.

Hang on Studio Wall

A plein air painting from the garden in 'Driftwood' Bere Alston on the River Tamar. A beautiful view (I wasn't sure about the deciduous Swamp Cypress on the left but I put it in . I used Water soluble wax. I used a stippling technique - struggled with them a bit because they are very fat and not good for painful fingers! It's the only time I have used them. I think they are going to take some getting used too. Bockingford 425gsm

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