Apple, Plate,Knife

Apple, Plate,Knife

Jeannette, I love the table.

I admire you being able to do this. The delicate shadows are very effective.Wish I could get mine so transparent.

Just found your website. Really professional paintings. Wonderful gallery

Beautiful light in this one Jeannette. The apple looks so edible and the knife looks really metalic, just as they both should and ( unlike the painting ) the table looks very wooden !! You have been busy recently, well done.

JUST.... Gorgeous Jeannette. i was just wondering what to have for my lunch,..!!! came on the site,.....and there you are,...with lunch just waiting for me.!!!!! lol. promise i will only take a wee nibble !! its just sooooooooo, realistic,.....superb. love Rhian.x

Beautifully painted Jeannette, I love the way you have captured the light on the table, you achieve such realism, I really do admire it. (how did the exhibition go?? well I trust1) Best wishes, Bill.

Beautiful light and shadow, your knife looks really good.

Everything looks so real; the apple makes your mouth water, the knife, the plate has captured the colours of the apple and the light on the table are all perfectly done.

just excellent Jeannette! wood, reflections, highlights, all of it. Incredible talent.

Caught sight of this on a quick visit ( not much time at the moment for painting or commenting) and had to say what an effective piece of work - a simple subject but there is such a lot to see there. You've captured an atmosphere with this little painting - lovely.

Thank you all so much for your very kind comments.

Hi Jeannette, sorry, I thought the exhibition was under way. I know it will be a very big success but don,t let the Gallery put too big a strain on you,I know, they always want more, they are like the proverbial Oliver Twist. The Gallery where I normally have between 15 and 25 paintings has become a victim of the "credit crunch" and has closed its doors, hard times lol. Please make sure you let me know how your exhibition goes. My email is..... [email protected], Best wishes, Bill

I love this it looks so realistic & the apple looks good enough to eat.

lovely shine...........looks so real....

Fabulous - now that's how you paint apples - well done - great work - love it!

Wonderful lights and darks, well done.

Hang on Studio Wall

There is something about apples. I painted this not long after Christmas. I like to look for reflections. Acrylic on canvas 16 x 12

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