Amber (faun)

Janine_Lees - AMBER (Fawn) PO

Beautifully done!!

Your description is spot on. Fabulous work of art


This is my favourite of your posts Janine. It is superbly done.

Stunning and so beautifully painted Janine.

Amazingly good

What an enchanting painting so life like excellent

Love how you’ve painted the fur and those doleful eyes Janine. Superb work.

Stunning painting

So many kind and beautiful comments on here! Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to leave a message, its so lovely to read them all.

Beautiful !!!

Ooh yes likely very much! Could I have one please? How do I contact you? Please send a link so that I can get a print. Absolutely beautiful! Yvette

Hang on Studio Wall

Amber is a young Fallow Deer, identifiable by the creamy coloured spots on her back. Amber's large round eyes dominate the picture as they are positioned central to the canvas and, as such, they follow the viewer around the room, bringing a sense of companionship and affection. This is further emphasised by the cropped cropped pose that draws the viewer firmly into the painting.

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Having previously worked as a graphic designer, Janine is now a full-time professional artist working from her studio in York. Initially starting her journey into Fine Art with hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations, Janine now uses a variety of mediums to create her realistic style. Favoured subjects…

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