Moo, Moo, Moo


Excellent panting Frank and nice cows , the best for me is the texture you have achieved on the stone wall it’s brilliant.

This is a wonderful painting Frank. The cows are so well painted and the stone wall is beautifully detailed.

Lovely painting Frank. The cows all have individuality and that's a great stone wall.

Excellent painting, Frank!

A lovely painting

Lovely moo moos

Brilliant moos, Frank, love it!

This is really good Frank. As has been said each cow is an individual, and you've captured their inquisitive nature so well.

Nice composition and excellent detail.

Super painting, great cows (love those ears!) and that stone wall is a work of art too in itself.

What a striking painting Frank. Must admit I’m a bit nervous of cows, but they are fine on the other side of a wall, as here! I do like the ears on the middle one, makes the painting.

Thanks all for lovely comments. I enjoyed bringing out the character of each cow. The image is highly compressed, as the original file was over 10mb, so the wall has lost some of it’s sharpness.

Great painting, Frank.

Moo moo moo to you too. Wonderful cows, superb wall and a pretty nifty background to boot. Enjoyed looking at this delightful painting. Bri

One of the best moo cow paintings I have seen. The background and wall are great too.

Moovalous moo moos. I like the super detailed wall too Frank.

Thanks again all, and praise indeed David!

This made me smile. I love cows despite being head butted in the air by one last summer! I agree, the wall textures are excellent

This is such a fun painting noting, beautifully executed!!

I love this painting Frank, it’s so lifelike, the details in the stone wall are so realistic.

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We were walking down a very narrow lane earlier this year in Wiltshire, when we came upon a large herd of cows which were just over a high wall. They were very inquisitive and all looking down on us. I couldn't resist taking a photo, then later picking out three of them to paint. Many years ago, I worked on a farm, where I was a herdsman and spent 10 years milking cows and they have always had a soft spot in my heart! Acrylic on canvas board 40x50cm.

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I've had very little tuition over the years except for a two year course during the late 1990s in watercolour. Since retirement in 2012, I now have time to pursue my love of painting. In recent years I have ventured into linoprinting, acrylics , oils and gouache. Gouache is fast becoming my…

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