Andrew Moodie


After some 30 years working as a lawyer, I took (slightly) early retirement at Xmas 2018 and am now free to pursue my passion of art and see where my personal journey takes me. Since childhood I have loved the immediacy of pastel (hard, soft and oil) and am enjoying pushing this towards (hopefully) a more expressive, and often mixed media, approach. I am experimenting with acrylic inks, paints and spray as well as watercolour, but usually completing with pastel. I was born and brought up in Glasgow but now live in Harrogate, Yorkshire. I seek to get out into the landscape as often as possible to paint en plein air, though often completing the picture in the studio. I enjoy painting trips to Northumberland and the East Yorkshire coast and hope to take my pastels back to Scotland as much as possible for a proper ‘weather experience ‘ ! Please visit my website: And on Instagram: