Holiday Cottage

Holiday Cottage

Lovely sketch Carole. Good shadows.

Nice sketch , Carole.

Nice sketch Carole.

You've captured a real holiday cottage feel to this drawing,, Carole... nicely done...

Nice to relax and do something like this while on holiday Carole, hope the weather was good.

Thank you, the cottage is very old the walls very uneven (my excuse!). It dates back to 1700's.

Lovely sketch, Carole, and very apt for the type of building you describe. Those old walls are never plumb. *smile* Brian

Thanks again all. Not one straight wall in the cottage Brian! Yes thanks Marjorie weather not as bad as predicted, we have sunshine but windy, lovely for climbing Mam Tor :)

The shadows give an abstract look to it Carole, it’s a good honest sketch, I would be chuffed with this.

This is charming, Carole, and the texture of the paper adds interest.

Thank you Fiona very kind of you, thanks Jenny.

Always enjoy seeing pencil work Carole, nice job, who cares about a bit of perspective, it's a quick sketch after all!

One for the memories’s charming.

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Pencil B, Berol sketching pencil. Perspective not right but just a lazy sketch. was the.light from the lamp casting shadows that appealed.

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