Bee all & End all

Bee all & End all

Some are Queens and many aren't even allowed to live in the hive. Good one Carole

I think she's also a bit of a drama queen bee - nice one.

Hi Carole, i've just left a comment on Russ's bee -reavement...after failing to leave one on yours...I was trying to add it from the selections for August, if that makes sense, and it would not allow me. I'm glad to see you started some awareness, so many people are too busy in this world to care about the things which sustain us and which we are losing through our own neglect or un-awareness of their importance.

We bow to you 'Queen Bee'! lol good one Carole!

Thanks all. it seems they are just like us, the fat cats and the skint!

Or should I say the fat bees! ;)

My bee's bag says M&S on it. Good one Carole!

Oh, that's cruel, Carole! It made me smile though!

Thank you. Satu my shopping bag says Asda😄😄

Chanel and cake..lucky bee!

I'm still tittering Carole......

Glad to give you a titter Val. Thanks Louise yes but she will end up broke like the other poor bee😒

Thanks Seok and Glennis.

You have to bee left bee...don't know what YSL is...You're So Lovely?? Very clever and personal...too personal!

Just the same order of things in the Bee world. The hives and the hive nots!

Roger you are so kind but it stands for Yves St Laurent French designer darling! Christine brilliant ;))

Hang on Studio Wall

Some have it and then they don't!!

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