Storm clouds over Mam Tor Derbyshire

Storm clouds over Mam Tor Derbyshire

This is beautiful and so effective. Love the technique you have used here!

That's brilliant Carole great composition

Gorgeous wonderful superb great that's it

Stunning effects on the rock face and a lovely feeling of mist rising. Looking across from loose hill seeing the mist rising from dale to mam tor , a glorious view. Well done.

love the painting and the place

You 'be caught the immensity of this Carole. And that granulated wash is superb!

Wonderful painting, Carole. The rocks texture on the foreground is superb!

Love this painting Carole, amazing colours :)

Thank you all. Thanks Andre yes the mist is always attractive up there. We actually climbed up above the cloud/mist that morning.

Very well handled Carole , and some beautiful granulations in the washes

Super textures in this Carole!

So beautifully atmospheric, Carole! The textures and palette are fabulous.

Thanks Dermot, Sarah and Seok.

Wow, Carole, that's great! Fantastic use of space and the left hand side rock formation is extraordinary. Well done you!

Really like this one, Carole, gorgeous colours, and especially like the textured effect on the left. (What colours have you used there, out of interest?)

Thanks Satu. Jenny thanks the colours are acrylic ink in purple lake and a bit of sepia, also granulation fluid.

This is something a bit special ... as was your feat in climbing up it, which would have scared the willies out of me even when I could still have done it. <br /><br />There&#39;s a great sense of yawning space and distance here.

Wonderful washes and textures, Carole, this is a good piece of watercolour.

I echo everything that&#39;s already been said Carole

Well done on both counts Carole! Beautiful washes which create that special atmosphere.

Very effective Carole, lovely painting. The purple texture is brill

I love that purple cascade of colour Carole- it has created such interest and energy into the composition

Carole, I am in love with this ink treatment on watercolour.<br />Very very inspiring!!!

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick wash painting, watercolour, acrylic ink. I climbed up this last week.

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