Fantasy vineyard

Fantasy vineyard

Wow! Carole, this is quite different. I feel that if you would take this old idea and apply the skills you have acquired in the meantime, you are able to take this to an even higher level.

Heart-stopper colours! Lovely design and really artistic interpretation.

Carole! This is so lovely...Agree with Thea, the colours are special...You really brought your expertise to the bubble wrap and cling film background/base. ...Isn't it nice to get out one you did some time ago, and see all the merits in it which perhaps at the time you were too objective to see!

This is gorgeous, Carole. No other word for it!

Very different from your usual style, and i love this.

Just stunning; one I would love on my wall.

Thanks all for your generous comments. It was pure chance it turned out not bad, I just had to try the gorgeous colours out!

Superb painting and technique, Carole. Looked at it full screen width . . . and it's even better!

Great stunning design with wonderful colours!

Thanks very much Kirstie, Roger and Beatrice, much appreciated.

This is stunning Carole. You obviously had a great time creating it.

Wonderful new work,Carole! Stunning colours!

Thanks Geraldine, much appreciated.

Carole!!! I love it! The colours are stunning, it's beautiful!

I love this painting, Carole, both the colours and the forms and shapes within the picture. Don't tell anyone but you really have me baffled by the references to bubblewrap and cling film!! It all sounds very daring to me! Please don't try to explain; I have enough problems just with the arylic.

Not that baffling Lionel but I know what you mean about acrylics!! Thanks for your comment. Happy New Year........Carole

Thank you so much, Carole, for your conglatulatory message. It was much appreciated. I was informed of it by e-mail by this site but cannot find it on the painting concerned. Never mind; it was so kind of you to remark on it!

Lovely - reminds me of Odilon Redon's work.

Lovely - vibrant and alive.

Thanks very much for your time to comment, i really appreciate it.

Carole i love this but the main reason i'm writing is to send you all a sincere apology for unwittingly posting so many pictures on the main gallery. I decided to sort my paintings into portfolios and as i was moving them from one place to another, unbeknownst to me, they were appearing on the gallery page. Obviously i didn't realise this and i am completely mortified , so i'm getting in touch with those that would usually comment on my paintings to apologise.

This is exquisite, Carole, the colours are beautiful.Thank you very for your comment.

Hi Carole. Don't know when they got married, infact I didn't know them at all. I feel I've got to know Terry&Fiona very well recently! I've had so many attempts at painting them! On the home page of POL there were competition details. The challenge was to paint their wedding portrait. The closing date was today. Seeing everybody's efforts has been so entertaining. It's caused alot of headaches because it was a poor photograph of them for us to use. It also explains about the brushes! I didn't enter Patchings because had I been lucky enough to be accepted I could foresee problems transporting and collecting my work from where I live in Manchester. That's the trouble with these open comps if you don't live nearby. Thanks for all your comments and incidently I love this painting of yours!

Thank you Louise for your comment, really appreciate it. I think I go about life with my eyes shut! I never saw the competition, but thanks for enlightening me. I wouldn't have had a go because the portraits I've attempted have all been absolute rubbish so I take my hat off to all the people who did enter the spirit including yourself .Best wishes Carole.

I love it! Beautiful colours.

Posted by Ann Cook on Thu 05 May 19:14:02

Beautiful vibrant colours Carole.

Beautiful colours Carole - very vibrant!

Hi specially like this painting. Looking for your newist work. Miss it on main gallery i think.

Thanks so much, I will have to try this technique again sometime!

This Painting has the WOW factor, beautiful Carole.

Thanks so much Rebecca for looking in my gallery.

Thanks for your comments on my paintings - This is a fantastic mix - very strong watercolours and the use of them is fab. I know is a while since you put the painting on but I missed it.

A while or not, thanks for taking the time look in Valerie.

Hang on Studio Wall

An old one I did years ago useing Dr ph Martin's Radiance watercolour bubblewrap & cling film, the design picked out with pastel and watercolour pencil.

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