I like this, he looks very pensive (may be thinking about lunch).

Love the intensity of the eyes Carole, just that concentration you would expect in a big cat. I really like your mark making you give a sence of the coarseness of the lions coat, nice one.

WOW this is very different from your usual flowers, but Wow what a change , he is fantastic, he certainly has his eye on something. well done Carole

Thank you for encouraging comments Sandra, Malcolm, Tao and Dennis. I spotted this on an advert for holiday in Africa. It was just something that caught my eye and had to draw, you know how it is....

That's great Carole, really nice drawing. Especially like the whiskers. I can see sorrow in his eyes.

Posted on Sat 29 Jul 14:43:24

He looks great Carole, I don't think you have spoiled it with the black.

Thank you Ibolya and Margaret, perhaps I was thinking of Cecil killed by the dentist for hunting fun.

The look on the face makes you wonder what he is thinking great sketch

I think your black pastel works well but if you want to reduce the intensity of pastel you can place masking tape over the area, press down and gently remove. I also use the small erasers that insert into the battery operated erasers, ( I don't bother with the batteries,lol).

Thank you Ruth and Teresa and thanks for the tips Teresa :)

Well you have strayed off your beaten path Carole. A very likeable, acceptable sketch. Don't see anything wrong with the black pastel, eyes and whiskers are great, not too sure about the nose/mouth area. Perhaps a little more work in this area would turn this from a sketch into a drawing. Well done!

He has kind eyes Carole . Really nice and expressive.

Thank you Michael and Sarah, much appreciated, Michael, will I thought I hadn't got the length of the nose right, will find another picture to sketch from.

Yeah, I noticed! Proof you don't have to stick to just flowers...

That's a lovely sketch Carole

Hang on Studio Wall

Quick sketch, first lion sketch as you may notice :)) spoiled it with a bit of black pastel!

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