Thank you Paul, you are quick!

What a gorgeous tree , excellent

Wow - that is one beautiful tree!!

Deliciously tactile tree, a super drawing Carole.

A fantastic drawing, Carole. Beautiful tree!

Wow, what a great tree, and drawn so well.

Beautiful drawing Carole.

An amazing drawing/painting of this beautiful, old tree. It almost looks Humana and you have done it great justice Carole.

What a character Carole, I bet you couldn’t help yourself and you gave it a big hug! I know I wouldn’t be able to resist touching the bark etc. Lovely textured drawing.

A tree full of so much character and so well drawn Carole.

Excellent Carole

Amazing tree so well drawn

Marvellous, Carole. Great textures with the pencil, love the very thin twiggy bits.

Splendid work and appropriate theme Carole.

This one takes knarle to a new level -love it Carole

Really good drawing Carole and I like Alan's phrase 'a deliciously tactile tree'. Your drawing conveys that so well and I can easily imagine running my hands over the bark of this wonderful ancient tree.

Thank you all so much for kind feedback :)

Smashing drawing, old trees are wonderful

Lovely subject, Carole, beautifully drawn.

Excellent drawing Carole.

Very nicely drawn and observed Carole.

Thanks so much again, Heather, Jenny, Denise, Ellen, David and Christopher.

That tree tells a story of life! Just look at how its aged! Beautiful.

Love the character...great one, Carole!

What a lovely subject to draw ... it’s beautifully done.

Thanks Denise and Val- Irene..

Very nice! Good work

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Pencil 2b,6b and Caran d’ache green watercolour pencil. A photo taken on walk in Padley Gorge a beautiful ancient place with twisted trees and streams. This beautiful old tree was covered in lumps and bumps, mosses, holes must be a few hundred years old.

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