Doodly bits

Doodly bits

To my eyes it is much more than a doodle Carole, it's lovely!

Very kind of you Christine, much appreciated.

Lovely "doodles" Carole!! I particularly like the way you have got the thick feel of the slak and the leaves of this hydrangea. The rose looks like my ones when they are just about over. I need to do something tonight, like a drawing. I am messing about with oils and one has to wait. I haven't plucked up the courage to paint more than one at a time.

So much more than a doodle's a winner!

If you call this a doodle, I seriously want to see 'a real painting'!!!!

Thanks Gudrun, Fiona and Mia for your generous comments.

Very pretty Carole and I like the way that the stalk comes in from the top corner then bends upwards to the flower head. The composition fills the paper nicely.

Thanks Louise, it was a stalk that hung down from my pot plant picked it before it broke off. Liked the position so held with crocodile clip while painted. Pleased you noticed.

A beautiful doodle...... colours and composition are lovely.

Gosh, wish my doodles turned out like yours! A beautiful flower painted using delicious colours.

Thank you Avril and Thea, appreciate you kind comments.

So delicate and those leaves are just so well painted they look real. Definitely much more than a doodle!

So beautifully delicate. Wish I could doodle like you, Carole!

Appreciate your comments Seok, thanks.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not been much inclined to paint lately but here's a couple of watercolours I have worked on to keep my hand in (so to speak) Bit messy but they are doodles!

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