Gourds and Can

Gourds and Can

Still makes a nice painting even if you are not that pleased with it.

Absolutely brilliant Fiona

There's just something about gourds that catch my eye. Lovely work, Fiona.

Love this Fiona - full of life.

Thank you very much Tony, Dennis, Carol, Mike and Shaun your comments are greatly appreciated.

Well I did wonder were the top of the watering can had gone! Now I know... Still quite attractive Fiona, I'm talking about the sketch now, but there is room for some more prominent shadows and cast shadows on the veg stuff particularly. Needs a bit more finishing but well done anyway in even being able to sit and draw a still life!

I like it, Fiona.

What's not to like Fiona!! It looks just great.

To be honest Al, I got this far and, well you know how it is. If it had been oil I would have scraped the whole lot off! Incidentally, the can isn’t cropped I didn’t do the top part, I’m bad enough with ellipses never mind an ellipse with a spout! Lol Thank you Cesare, you are very kind Margaret, thank you!

Don’t put yourself and your pic down Fiona. It’s lively, bags of character and I really like it. Turn it to the wall for a week. Then look again. You will see it quite differently.

Looks pretty good to me Fiona! I particularly like the watering can and pumpkin. Lovely colours and lines.

A lovely still-life painting of these gourds and onion the shape, and colours turned out well showing the segments! Well done Fiona!

Well, as soon as I saw it I liked it Fiona. The colours stand out, the movement at the bottom is interesting. Stop beating yourself up - you've caught it from me!

Looks fab. We're the worst critiques of our work arnt we.

I like the colours and your use of pen Fiona, really eye catching!

The addition of the pen work makes it so lively, Fiona. I like it very, very much.

Spontaneity , liveliness, its a cracker, Fiona.

Great colours. The gourds work very well together. Crop above the large one.

I think it's really good Fiona.

You are a lovely lot, so encouraging. I think maybe we all do it sometime or other, we have a vision of what we expect in our head and are disappointed when it doesn’t quite look like the image. This is heavier looking....if that makes sense. Thank you all for your comments and feedback.

We are our own worst critics Fiona nothing wrong with this. Like Sylvia says, put it out of sight for a week then view it with fresh eyes.

I think it’s lovely you’re really to hard on yourself Fiona , put a mount around this and look again that’s what I do and usually convinces me my first opinion may be wrong

Val and Dermot thank you both very much. I’m going to leave it a while and look at it again with fresh eyes. I think you can stare at it for too long and then the disappointment grows.

Don't be hard on yourself Fiona. !!!!

Thank you Richard, very much.

Hang on Studio Wall

It was 16”x 12” but I cropped most of it off. Watercolour, ink and oil pastel on Arches. Not happy with the outcome of this still life, heavily cropped, it improved it a little but not much.

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