Little Owl - Monoprint

Little Owl - Monoprint

Poor little owl! Fancy calling him scruffy, he's a lovely little chap.

Val's right, he's not scruffy at all. Looks to me as if he's smelling the rose in the corner! Clever stuff Fiona.

I like it a lot Fiona. I also like to see the border so a nice monoprint of a leaf, sorry, I meant scruffy owl.

A roads scruffy but heh who needs perfection !

Mean a tad scruffy - darn predictive text !

Sorry Val but you have to admit, the name does suit him! Thank you. It’s meant to be a moon! Thank you x A leaf indeed, Alan! Glad you like him though. I did a ghost print as well, may put that up later. Lol.....I have the same problem Richard, my iPad put words in my mouth! Thank you 😊

Yep. Scruffy right enough but so cute.

This is so cute Fiona, love his shape. You are getting so technical I can't keep up 🤗

I reckon he's winking at us. He's lovely, Fiona.

Many thanks Dorothy, Carole, Thalia for you kind comments......I think he’s nodded off.

Well, I think he is just adorable, Fiona, scruffy or no!🤗

Lol.....thanks Chandra.

Hang on Studio Wall

4”x4” monoprint on cream handmade paper. I use small glass tiles when I’m using different coloured inks for prints, and after printing a few Linocuts I use up what ink is left on the glass plate. I don’t have any set idea of what I’m going to do so just scratch a few marks and see where it goes.....this one started to look like a scruffy little owl.

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