Martyrs Stake Wigtown Bay

Martyrs Stake Wigtown Bay

So nice to catch what is around you, well done. Your local work is great and a lovely record too Like the sketch.

a challenging subject but you have pulled it off Fiona as mentioned before your drawing has improved so much

Great depth to this, Fiona, and such a brave central subject. You've carried it off perfectly. Sounds like there's a gruesome story behind this stake, given the title. The stone work is spot on as is the curiosity rousing title. Brian

Super drawing will have to look up the history Fiona.

Very good Fiona and we have been there some years ago,

I remember the pen and wash Fiona. A well drawn landmark with a history, perhaps as well it's still not used, who knows who could be next!

Thanks Sylvia! I’m very lucky to have so many subjects to choose from Willie....but would you believe, sometimes I don’t know what to paint! Lol Thank you. Thank you again David, you are very kind...X Thanks very much Brian. I did this last year in pen & wash and gave a summary of its use. I think it’s in watercolours 2017 portfolio. Thanks Carole! Richard thank would have been in Wigtown then? When were you here, I bet it’s change a bit, lots of secondhand book shops and coffee shops, antiques galleries..... It wouldn’t do much good Alan, the sea doesn’t come in this far these days. I might get soggy toes as it’s stuck in the middle of marshland now. I’m trying to get local statues/monuments sketched for the comp. Thank you for your comment.

Oops.......missed you Margaret......thank you.

You do these black and white drawings so well Fiona, I knew it was one of yours, love them 😀

Another fine drawing Fiona, great tonal work.

Many thanks Linda and Keith, very kind.

Nice tones in here Fiona - I've got some catching up to do with all these comp sketches!

An unusual monument Fiona, will a good variety of mark making.

Marjorie and John thank you both very much.

Lovely shading Fiona and drawing

A lovely sketch Fiona and I like the texture the paper you've used adds to the drawing.

Very distinctly yours Fiona and another great sketch

Thank you very much David, Val, Carol and Dorothy for your lovely comments.

Thanks Gudrun!

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketch book mainly 2b & 6b pencil and a few flicks if ink pen. I did a pen and wash of this monument a while ago, with its gruesome history.

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