Detail of Smithy Stonework (project)

Detail of Smithy Stonework (project)

I do love drawings like these Fiona, the tones are good. Well observed.

Painting and drawing is all about observation, when you get up close to an object you see the real shapes and forms in great detail, as you have observed here Fiona. You have some rather interesting mark making and this is an excellent piece to add to your current project.

Lovely subject and piece Fiona. It's all available if we look around.

Funny what things interest us artists, who would think an old piece od stone would make a good subject? You have caught the weather battered texture very well here Fiona.

Detail is key to recreating the character of these old buildings - great observation here Fiona.

What a beautiful subject, Fiona. So well observed, great drawing.

Carole thank you, it will be a long while before I get to your standards with a pencil! Thanks Alan, yes sometimes we miss the best bits by not looking close enough. Thanks very much Derek, Stephen appreciate your comments. Adele, Mia, thank you ladies much appreciated.

I agree Fiona, stone and brick are brilliant to draw, and you have certainly captured it with this drawing. First class.!!!

Great mark making Fiona. I can see a landscape in there, a skull, a critter poking it head round the corner and a Komodo lizards head. Oh and of course your finger marks. How did you manage it??

Super drawing Fiona, lots of interesting shapes in stones.

Many thanks Dennis and Linda,’m a genius! Either that or I’m on the same stuff as you! The finger prints were the hardest! Thank you Margaret, very much.

Absorbing and requiring much concentration. Excellent Fiona.

Methinks you are enjoying your drawing more Fiona...good job!

Thank you Marjorie, the word absorbing is spot on! Yes I am Sylvia, didn’t think I would admit to that ever. Thanks.

A good opportunity to practise mark making. Great observation Fiona.

Posted on Sat 18 Nov 17:01:44

Great tonal values,...your sketching coming along really well.

Thank you very much Ibolya and Andre for your comments.

Your talent is showing through here Fiona. You have the observation and the patience. I know how hard this is to do 'cause I've tried it and I'm poor.

lovely sketch Fiona and nicely observed

Thank you very much Michael and David for your encouragement, it makes all the difference.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchbook 6b pencil. Getting into the detail really makes you observe what’s going on, all the different shades, tones and textures.

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