Inspired by Storm Callum!

Inspired by Storm Callum!

Wow this is very different from your usual style Fiona. It certainly jumps out on the page. I really like it. It confirms your attitude that there is a painting to be found in every thing!!.

Very striking Fiona !

Different and a good, bold design Fiona. I like it!

Very bold and effective.

Wonderful energy in this painting Fiona.

Love the colour palette and the horizon. The energy is there .

I went a bit mad Carol! Bit like the weather......thank you. Richard, Dennis thank you both very much. Louise, thanks very much.....thought you might dress the girls in oil skins, waders and brollies for a topical fashion Dawn, Sandra, Gudrun, Annick.....thank you ladies very much.

Not sure what dreich means!! But there is oodles of energy in this! Certainly looks stormy to me. :)

Dreich means.....dull, gloomy, damp etc......perfect description for the weather yesterday, and today come to think of it! Thanks very much Keith.

Very nice Fiona, love the bright colours with the dark sky

Great Fiona, love the drama 👍🏻

That idea of the girls in wellies etc did occur to me Fiona when I saw the dreadful Callum on the news. I was in Wimbledon last week where it was blue skies and warm enough to sit in the sun and now, back in Manchester, it's drizzly rain but not too bad. Quite warm here as well! Thought I'd just cheer you

Thank you very much David, Rachel and Satu for your encouraging comments. Ha ha.....I thought you may have had an idea for the girls ....The weather girls! You decided to head south at exactly the right isn’t too bad here today, quite calm and dry, don’t know how long it will last. I’ve got bulbs to plant out so probably no painting for me today!

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12”x10” pastel on Murano paper. It’s a bit dark and dreich here at the moment and this is meant to be the view from the kitchen window of the red barns on the horizon, in abstract-ish form.

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