Well, I loved the original version but have to admit that our clever Satu was right, this is so much more vibrant and dramatic!

Yes brilliant flash of blue.

Love this Fiona even better than the first version ,well done Fiona .

Yes although I liked the original the focus is all on the kingfisher now. Great painting Fiona.

Phew! Thank you Christine, Carole, Dennis and Glennis, so relieved that you agree, and think it's an improvement. It's all down to our clever Satu!

It really is an improvement - you had some excellent advice there, this has strengthened the painting immeasurably and really drawn attention to your immensely skillful painting of the bird. It&#39;s such a delicate, tiny animal that in any action painting the danger is that you inadvertently turn it into a brightly coloured eagle or swooping vulture: ie, there&#39;s a very strong tendency to lose all proportion in a study like this and make the subject too big. But - you haven&#39;t! <br /><br />The other big temptation in this jewel-like sort of bird is to exaggerate the colour, especially the brilliant orange - that wouldn&#39;t have worked, and again: you haven&#39;t done it... If nothing else, this demonstrates the huge value of giving honest advice on this Gallery, plus the humility necessary to take it when it&#39;s good. I suspect you&#39;ll have no trouble selling this - make sure you put a proper price on it!

I like them both, but in this case, this pared down version does completely focus on the kingfisher brilliantly. Superb, Fiona!

Thank you all very much indeed for your comments.

This is now just fantastic!! The bird is free to fly on the page. Well done Fiona!

So glad you managed to catch this version Satu, and more than pleased you feel it&#39;s better this way. Thanks again for the advice, really appreciate it.

Yes, this has put it into a different league - superb and very dramatic. The background is now perfect.

Thank you very much Thea!

Hang on Studio Wall

I wasn't happy with the additional props to my last posting of this, i.e. the water and reeds. So, from advice given on the site ....thank you Satu.....I've re-established the background and left the Kingfisher centre stage. I hope you feel, as I do, that it's an improvement.

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