Red Barns

Red Barns

Just love the deep colour in your sky but the marks throughout the create a stunning painting, terrific!

Great atmosphere in this . Maybe the cloud on the left just a little too black. I still like though.

Thank you for your lovely comment Willie, appreciate you taking the time. Fred, I've been back and back to that darker area and it's annoying me now. I'm going to leave it until tomorrow and perhaps grey it down. Any ideas you have to rectify it would be appreciated! Thank you for your constructive advice.

Lovely Fiona. The light in the middle ground is terrific.

Great example of a threatening sky Fiona. You decide what you arer seeing, so that's it for me.

Impending storm captured perfectly Fiona, I love the sky, the touch of light blue is delicious!

Lovely work Fiona, great sky, for me with the black cloud you mentioned storm cumulus does form like that, I think I would blend the black upwards into the blue to suggest the development of it ? Just an idea it just makes the division a little more subtle . Nice work though.

Weather was the same here today Fiona. I'm finding it hard to recognise your work since you started with pastels! You're really going for the colour - great! Lovely dramatic pastel, love the flashes of light on the left. Also, you've got excellent variation in the greens.

that is a cracker , doesn't look over worked to me , just great

Lovely moody painting Fiona like it

Stop worrying about a few clouds and get out there!!!, this is yet another really well planned piece, some great depth in places which really anchor's the whole image, well done F, this is some of your best work.

Super splashes of light in this painting, and I love the work in the foreground.

wow look at that sky doesnt look overworked to me Fiona you've closely observed the changing scene the shadows of the clouds and the sunlight on the distant hill side work beautifully love it 10 out of 10

What a beauty Fiona awesome all round

Lovely painting very atmospheric.

I love that sky Fiona - it really is an impressive picture. You really are enjoying using pastels now aren't you?

Looks great Fiona, love the sky, wish I could get my skies to look as good,

Brian, thank you very much, how are you getting on with pastels? Thank you Jim, I understand what you're saying but isn't it annoying when it just doesn't look right...compared to the image in front of you, or in your head!lol I liked that bit Russell and that's the bit, together with the strong cloud next to it that's given me the trouble. Thank you for your comment. Many thanks Helen! Malcolm, perhaps having an understanding of the clouds, as you say, in the first place would make for a more convincing outcome. It's when you try to do it quick and capture the impression, that's where it starts to go pear shaped. Thank you very much for your constructive comment, I appreciate it.

This is fab Fiona....that sky is full of energy & great colours. You obviously loving your pastels....I couldn't get on with them at all :)

Marjorie, I don't recognise my own work either sometimes and yes, it's down to the colours. My ideas, style and application are all over the place at the moment! Thank you for your comment. Thanks Mike!

Many thanks Maureen and Dennis for you kind comments Lol.....yes Alan, I will Alan! I always listen to you Alan.....well nearly always. I value your criticism greatly, you know I do, and I really appreciate your advice.....thank you Alan X Thank you Lesley. You always make me feel better David, you're very kind thank you X Thank you very much Dennis X are you back afloat yet? Thank you Rita, appreciate your comment.

I certainly am Carol! Have you tried them, they are quick and easy, also I find they can keep you working in a loose way. Have you done any painting? Thank you very much for having a look and commenting. David, I know you can do skies like this! Thank you x Sylvia, I couldn't stand them when I first tried them, but yes I am enjoying them now, especially the new ones. Thank you!

Lovely pastel Fiona, you have a great view from your window.

Thank you Margaret! Yes I am very fortunate, I have 360 degree views.

That is gobsmackingly good Fiona :) I love that sky and the light in the middle ground. You've encouraged me to get my pastels out, haven't touched them for a while.

Sandra many thanks. Thank you Val, that's very kind. I'm glad you've been inspired! Hope you will post the result.

Wow Fiona, this is the best of your pieces that I've seen. I love it.

Thank you Stevan, very kind, glad you like it!

Love it, love it love! I know that is not very imaginative, but that is the instant reaction to this pastel. Pastel suits your style. You're the artist so you can paint what you want. It works.

Thanks Gudrun, I'm enjoying pastel very much I must admit, probably because it's pretty much instant. That suits my lack of patience! Lol

Hang on Studio Wall

12x9 pastel. As you can see from the above it's been a mixed bag of weather today. It appeared as though the sky flew by, I couldn't keep up with the changing cloud formations.....probably why it looks overworked. I've painted this view from the kitchen window but in watercolour many times, it was too wet and windy to be outdoors.

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