After Keith Vaughan, in black and red.

After Keith Vaughan, in black and red.

loads of action going on. Not really my thing, but great to see you developing so many different skills. Well done you.

Nice movement Fiona. Love a good sketch 👍🏻

Interesting technique with the pencils, Fiona! (You are good doing so much sketching, it's something I never do, despite my best intentions.)

That is nice Fiona lovely movement which I am losing in my present one but it's not over till the fat lady sings

Thanks Tony, no his stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of Thank you Rachel, I’m getting quite interested in sketching these days, wouldn’t have got me near it a year ago! Some yourself Jenny, don’t need to sketch. Thanks very much. That’s the attitude Dennis, I know you will overcome the problem! Thank you for your comment.

I like this very much Fiona!

Nice one Fiona. I like it as well! It's different, very interesting to look at and has that K V feel to it. I've never thought of taping two pencils together but I rarely use pencils. Not sure if I have any soft ones either. I'm thinking now. Something new for me to try..another challenge?

A lot of movements going on.Good idea to use two pencils together.Will have a look at Keith Vaughan's paintings .

Thank you Satu and Louise....really glad you like it! I didn’t think I would get any comments on this to be honest, it’s a bit ......well, you know. Louise you can get some interesting lines and shapes using two different colour pencils/biros/pastels etc. Annick thank you.....Not sure if you will like his work Annick, it’s a bit strange.

Nice, busy scene Fiona with lots of movement. Your drawing skills are getting better and better all the time.

Ah, very good indeed, Fiona. I searched for Vaughan's "In Black and Red" on Google, and lo and behold your sketch was first on the image list. I must say, your drawing sat beside his work almost perfectly. I'm not just saying it, it really did. The abstract presentation, the style and the heat and effort of work are all there. I'm not sure if you intend to take this further but it would certainly be a cool exercise. I'll keep an eye open. Bri

Great sketch Fiona, all in interesting positions tells the story.

I tried it with two brushes taped together and have just posted my dodgy

Margaret, many thanks for your comment. Thank you Brian for your observations, an interesting thought to maybe take it further. There is a lot of angst and pain in his work I think, I don’t have that motivation to work on something from my own head, hence the ‘after’ Vaughan. Thank you Carole I’m glad that came over.

Hang on Studio Wall

17” x 11” sketchbook and black and red chinagraph pencil. This is taken from a pencil sketch of Keith Vaughan’s, which was a preparatory sketch for a painting. His style isn’t everyone’s taste, it’s a bit dark, but I like it. I think it’s the simplicity of some of his figures, they look real, they are full of gestures and emotions......quite raw. I taped the two pencils together so it would give me a ghost line to the figures.

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