Stage two.....street scene

Stage two.....street scene

Noticed the right hand building has got a bit of a topple on, at the top.

This caught my eye straight away, Fiona - looking good :)

This is looking very good now Fiona. It will be interesting to see where you go from here.

Ooh yes, it's really coming along nicely. Good colour and bold shapes with that added balconies detail which works well in the blocky composition.

Really lovely Fiona, as said looking forward to see where you go from here too

Thanks Margaret, getting there. Hope you’ve had a great day Carol, look forward to hearing all about it. Thank you. Glad you like it Louise, I’m trying to get some random marks and lines in there as well as structural stuff. Thank you. Many thanks David!

It has that exciting look of a city at night Fiona, bright lights and tall buildings. I’m not sure I would do a lot more, but who am I to say! I like your choice of colours too.

The colours are great, does really capture the city at night.

Very interesting piece Fiona, brilliant palette

Good tonal values with those foreground darks, but I'd get rid of the long oblong one or change the tone a bit. Glad you straightened up those edges of the buildings, they look better now. Coming on really well Fiona. People and cars now!

It has that night atmosphere already, can't wait to see what else you are going to add,but looks fine as it is, Fiona.

I especially like the bold shapes and colours at the bottom, Fiona. (The bottom half would make an interesting abstract on its own!)

Love you colours and shapes Fiona, this is very attractive work.

I do like this, Fiona. Love the colour palette.

Really eye-catching, Fiona, I think your 'topple' adds to the painting! Super palette

It looks interesting Fiona.

Many thanks everyone, hope I don’t ruin it from this stage! Thanks for your encouragement.

I like the difference in brush strokes between the top of the painting and the bottom Fiona, at this stage to me the bottom part talks about the fast pace of life at street level with more calmness at the top were people live and relax, well thats my view, but its a great vibrant painting with great contrasts.

That’s a great way of explaining the slightly blurred paint at the bottom of the painting Malcolm and the top, where it’s crisper. I just hope I can finish it off with out making a

Wow fiona your you're doing something totally different for you, in terms of subject matter.... Looking good.. 👍👍

Lol.... thanks Alan. How are you getting on?

Always enjoy seeing what you are doing Fiona

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20”x16” oil on canvas. A little more added.....

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