Ruby Beet

Ruby Beet

This is very nice Fiona . I like the way you have rendered the leaves. Well done

I think it's very effective, Fiona. You seem to be enjoying this :-)

Thank you Dennis, Amanda, Gudrun for your feedback.

Beautifully done - those flashes of white lift the whole painting and give it a real sparkle. The knife has also added a charming texture to the work.

Thank you very much Thea, I enjoyed doing this one! For a change lol.

Swap you some broad beans for some of your beet lol. Another good work with a knife Fiona, you've depicted the rounded form of the beet perfectly and the tops are brilliant. You've given me an idea of what to paint this afternoon, some broad beans and curly kale from the garden. On second thoughts, perhaps not the curly kale :)

Hi Val, I picked courgettes and runner beans today but wasn't in the mood to paint....not to worry, there are lots more where they came from!! Look forward to seeing your painting. Thanks for your comment Val.

A fabulous piece, Fiona. I just love the vitality of your knifework. It's beautifully done!

Seok, you always say the nicest things about my attempts to try something thanks for your support.

This is a charming painting Fiona. Very well executed and lovely colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

After painting the sweet peas from the garden in acrylics, I thought, what a good idea for everything that comes into the kitchen from the garden is going to have it's portrait painted, if I can stick at these acrylics, that is. The beet is simmering away in the pan as I type, so no going back to fiddle. Painted with a painting knife, except the background which I did with a brush and I added it after I finished the beet.

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