W.I.P. North Main Street, Wigtown

W.I.P. North Main Street, Wigtown

This looks a great start Fiona, no prelim drawing has made it bold. Good luck as you progress, that's the bit I find hard.

Beautiful Start Fiona the next step is details and if you want to include cars people etc

Thank up Marjorie, it will probably progress straight to the bin but I’ll have a go. I didn’t do any drawing because I find myself colouring in and I don’t want any sharp edges....if that makes sense. Thanks very much Dennis, I had hoped that you might nudge me forward in this. Definitely not people, not very good at those but a couple of cars.

It is a very promising start Fiona and a couple of cars and busses with more lights will be great.

Great start Fiona. Is the county building where the osprey cam is? If so, was in it years ago!

Looking good Fiona. I wouldn't add too much detail but it depends what your aiming for. How about abstract blocks of colour and just a flash of car headlights and car shapes? No people! No bridge shapes either (can never forget!)..LOL

Yes Satu just a couple of cars, well mainly the lights.....thanks for your feedback. It is Margaret, the Osprey cam is still recording the nest every year. Louise that’s the kind of thing I was thinking of doing.....and definitely NO BRIDGE shapes!! Lol. Oh no, my palms have gone clammy, I hope I don’t drop the gin bottle! Lol.

A good positive and bold start Fiona. I'm not sure why you stopped at this point, as I expect you did this in a couple of minutes and you had the scene in front of you - we don't, so it's difficult to advise as we don't know what was in those spaces.

I really like your rather abstract shapes and the soft colours. I think the scene distortion is good, and you have had some helpful comments about progressing this. I wouldn't throw it away!

Sorry, hope you didn't drop the bottle if it was full which I doubt! I think you know what you'll do now with the painting despite it being splashed (or sloshed) with the bottle contents but having looked again, I think you could add some darker blocks of colour just to indicate the shapes of the buildings and the white areas already there could work as the car headlights with a vague darker car shape behind them? No detail. Definitely go abstract with this one and don't stress. It'll be good!

Coming on a treat Fiona. Like your colours.

Thanks Alan, I stopped because of inconvenient meal breaks! Lol....plus I was using up the last bit of paint on the palette. Yes it only took me a couple of minutes and I hope the rest won’t take me too much longer, when I get the chance. Many thanks Sandra, I want to try and keep it distorted. Lol Louise, you know me too well! I like the idea of sloshing, I could try that with the paint as well!

Thank you very much Carole.

Love it, Fiona. I like the spontaneity of it and the colours all go together really well.

Thanks very much Ellen.

Great start -lots of possibilities with this

Thank you very much David!

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x14” oil on Arches oil paper. My Tuesday art class is on the first floor of the county buildings and this Tuesday, as in many places, the weather was atrocious. Looking from the window as the light was fading the rain on the window distorted the miserable scene on the other side of the glass. There were a couple of cars and their lights appeared to be magnified. This is the blocking in, no prior drawing.....probably a big mistake! Any tips Dennis and Dennis would be greatly received.

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