The Moss of Cree

The Moss of Cree

Fiona, I absolutely love this! The vestiges of the painting underneath add to it. Love the colours, it's full of energy.

I agree with Marjorie. There is a special energy and intrigue in this.

Very good use of left over paints. How thrifty!! Masterful.

great painting - wonderful colour

This is beautiful and is this what is impasto? The visibility of brushstrokes adds a certain depth to the painting and the color palette is lovely and the light quality is fantastic because of those colors..

Love this Fiona.. great texture.

That is super Fiona. Great colours.

Beautiful palette and such confident piece. Looks effortless.

Posted on Thu 22 Mar 18:23:52

The depth,the shapes, the colours. all make this a gorgeous picture.

Just love this Fiona. Great colours and dynamic brush marks, but am also really interested that you overpainted a previous work and left some to show through. I'm looking through my stash of canvases at present to see what can be recycled. Did you white out any parts of the previous painting or just go straight over the top?

Thanks Marjorie, I know you have used a previous painting as a base, I’ve done a couple myself.....because in the main, I’m too impatient to gesso and underpaint. I needed to use up left over paint so just grabbed the first available failure! Lol Thanks very much Gudrun, it’s very loosely based on the be honest I just plonked the paint on.....I needed to start dinner! Thanks Tony, yes I’m thrifty, must be the Scottish

Intruiging title, excellent painting Fiona. Nice work.

Many thanks Peter. Are you still dabbling? I suppose it is Nandhini, thank you very much for your comment. Thank you very much Rachel and Richard for your smashing comments. Many thanks Ibolya, Stephen, your comments are very much appreciated.

Really great painting

Thank you Sandra. Just straight over the top of previous painting. It’s one I did about two years ago of flowers, I turned it upside down so the shapes weren’t too obvious. The two bits that are pink and yellow fairly central are the flowers from the old painting.

Thank you very much Jim. ‘Moss’ is a term used to describe wetland, bog, floodplain in this part of Scotland and Cree is the name of the river which runs into the Cree estuary. A lot of place names either begin with Moss or end in Moss around here. Not sure if Moss is also were the peats would have been dug from, once upon a time. Many thanks Emma.

I can feel the spontaneity as you had to rush to start dinner.That was a good thing, the result is a very much vibrant it , Fiona.

this is vibrant , emphasised by the texture and colour choices- be it current or from the previous painting. Really like this one.

its lovely Fiona and don't you often find when a painting is showing through it can really enhance the work

You should do more oils, this is great

It's a beautifully free and almost abstract painting - I love the style and the markings, Fiona

You are going from strength to strength Fiona! This is very very good , free with bold brushstrokes and great colours.

Thats fantastic Fiona, its got a lot of depth to it

I assume that this wood panel was an old builders pallet! crudely nailed together by Jules... Well, what a cracker this is, nice and thick with good textures, not tight and exact either on the horizon line. Well impressed with this one F.

It's very effective, Fiona, interesting textures, and I love the spots of pink and turquiose!

So full of energy, A Eardley influence I am sure. Very good Fiona.

I just love it Fiona, great texture and colours.

Emma, Val-Irene, Annick, Mike, and Dennis many thanks for you encouraging feedback.

Thank you Willie, I go in fits and starts with oils but I’ll do a few before I move on... Maureen thanks very much. Bless you Satu, you are very kind. Thanks Justin! Glad you like it, that pleases me. Flippin eck Alan, I wouldn’t be going to that expense! Who do you think I am Carnegie? Lol Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot. Jenny thank you, the pink and turquoise are from the original painting. Do you think so john, it was unintentional but I wish! Are you enjoying her book? Thanks very much Linda, appreciated.

Great impasto effect fiona. good colours too.

Well I'm better late than never Fiona -This really is great' I can't compete with what's already been said except to say I love the texture and brush strokes. I WILL reply to your latest E-mail when my computer decides to behave properly for more than 10 minutes!!!

Many thanks Dennis, Linda, and Carol for your generous comments. Looking forward to it Carol!

How did I miss this little gem!? I love the fact that you painted over something else and came up with a cracker! Fab colours and shows how this kind of thing loosens you up without too much planning and forethought.

Thanks very much Tessa, appreciated.

Fiona I missed this one! Love it from the expressive marks to the texture and tone. Marvellous.

Many thanks Karen, a huge compliment coming from yourself.

Beautiful! great colours

Thank you very much Margaret for taking the time to comment.

Love this also - you have achieved a lot of movement in this artwork.

Many thanks again Shaun!

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x10 oil on wood panel, using leftover paint . Taken from a sketch, I must date my sketches, I think it must be sometime in the winter late spring because of the bare trees and pale scrubby grasses. It’s painted on top of another painting some of which is showing through in parts.

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