Blue Frilly Dish

Blue Frilly Dish

I think you've done really well with it Fiona, the blue dish really sets off the tangerines, and that splash of white behind the apple lights the foreground up.

Great piece Fiona, the blue and orange are great with the dark background.

Love it! I recommend Daylight easel/studio lamp. I use it and I can now paint in the gloaming light we have at the moment.

No I've never used that Fiona. I do have canvas sheets in a pad - real canvas! I think they are Belle Arte, anyway, I do like them. This is a nice composition and I love that dish.

Some Good composition, colour and tones Fiona. Paper sucks the oil out of the paint which makes it dull. To make an object in this case fruit appear convincing you need to observe the edges. otherwise they give the appearance of being cut out and stuck on. Next time you observe an apple look closely you will see that on the darkest side the edge appears hard. On the light side the edge appear soft. bang that it and you get the sense of the form sitting in its place. Go and have a look at the perfect plum on Marjorie's upload today. It is a perfect example of what I have just described.

Many thanks Linda, Gudrun, Carole, Marjorie, John, for your feedback, much appreciated. Thanks for the tip John, I’ve been studying Marjorie’s plum....perfection.

I think this is a fine study, Fiona. It reminds me of Cezanne's still life work, with its deliberate brush strokes and shadows. A very eye-catching piece. I've never used oil paper but sometimes a canvas can suck the oil out of paint if it isn't primed correctly. This leaves a dry, patchy looking painting which can be corrected by oiling out once the paint has dried. If you look on the back of any canvas you might see dried oil patches, like a stain. Mix a little linseed oil with a touch of white spirit and rub sparingly over the dry area, then remove the excess. Repeat, once dried, if it's still dull. The same technique can be used when applying fresh paint to an already dry painting. It makes the painting more receptive to another layer. Just saying *smile* Brian Brian

Lovely colourful painting Fiona, I must try still life one day , I have never done it. but it will probably be watercolour, thanks for your comments on my paintings.

My eye was drawn to it - nice work Fiona

Beautiful painting Fiona, good work.

This is a fine painting, Fiona. Lovely bright colours and lovely composition.

Great work Fiona. You could eat them.

Happy New Year to you and your family Fiona.

Lovely orange and blue against that very interesting background.

I think the result is worth all that effort Fiona to me the colours are vibrant it has good light and the scruffy edges adds to its charm.

The blue and orange go so well together Fiona, and it looks marvellous! I love the frilly fish!

Well done Fiona. I've never used The oil paper that you have mentioned but you have done a super job with it.

Simple, direct and appealing. Nice work Fiona.

Blue and Orange always works and yes that splash of white highlights the Apple.

Thanks so much for your generous comments everyone, much appreciated. Brian, thank you for the information ref bringing the colours back to life.

Wonderful arrangement, Fiona, beautifully painted, very well done.

Thanks Willie, very much!

There you go Fiona, your painting is on POL FB. X

Is it? I’m not on Facebook, I’ll ask my other half he might see it. Thank you for letting me know Marjorie.......I could still do with some lessons from you, especially how to get that softness to your paintings, mine are always hard and sharp! X

Superb brushwork, lovely palette, fabulous work, Fiona!

Thanks again Seok!

Beautiful rich colours Fiona, love the composition too.

Thank you very much.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” oil on Arches oil paper. This started as just a quick oil painting to try out the paper, turned into a bit of a saga due to the very poor light of late. Didn’t think I was ever going to finish it! It’s a bit scruffy round the edges but I’m not doing any more to it, had enough. Has anyone else tried Arches oil paper, nice to paint on but it seems to suck the light out of the paint, dries a bit dull.

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