Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

This is brilliant, Fiona. You must have really been swearing at this one! Lovely palette, particularly the tree tops against the sky. I not sure that more bravery is necessary. I like it simple.

This works well Fiona, as Lionel has said, I think this is brave work - strong loose washes and not over worked.

There is nothing stopping you now Fiona, this is so beautiful in its simplicity! Well done!

As near to abstraction as you can get, yet simultaneously utterly explicit. Really, uhhh, cool!

What a stunning painting. Simple is better when it works like this.

Love this Fiona, all has been said. Simplicity at it's best!

You have portrayed a cold scene very well . It is much harder than it looks to create such a painting.

Many thanks to you all for your kind and generous comments, they are very much appreciated.

As Helen says it's very difficult to produce a watercolour as good as this one but you make it look so easy. Simplicity at it's best.

Love the simplicity of the brush strokes Fiona.

Now Fiona, enough of this lack of confidence!! You have loads of ability and artistic sense so I think you just need to let yourself go (although I am a fine one to talk!) and immerse yourself in your style of painting. You always produce such lovely work that is enjoyed by so many on this site, so take confidence from that and just go for it. As for this painting - I think it has such a wonderfully clean and fresh look to it with another of your wonderful skies - great stuff.

Ah Thea, if only what you imply were true. For every one that may be passable there are many that are not.....which you never see, of course. When a painting like this one happens, it's by mere chance believe me, nothing to do with skill or ability. I wish I could just go for it! But I paint with the wrong side of my brain...if you believe that appears I have a very tidy mind, where everything is in it's place and very orderly. It doesn't understand the concept of "going for it". However, I am always up for trying something new..........can you give me any tips? Lol. I look forward to reading the introduction to your next painting, to see if there are any "doubts" there of your own ability. Thea, I always value your opinion and I really do appreciate your comments and advise, thank you.

Val, Carole, thank you both very much, I appreciate your comments.

Less is more......your limited palette has worked well here. Thank you Fiona for your comment on my still life painting and your suggestion to keep going. Appreciate it. Jean

Thank you Jean, you are most kind.

Fiona, I don't think you saw the first introduction to my latest painting, as I edited it after about a couple of hours. The first bit I wrote was very negative I'm afraid and full of self doubt but a nice cup of tea and a piece of Victoria sponge seemed to lift my mood so I changed it to something more cheery. I am like you, impossibly tidy - almost obsessively so - so letting go in painting is really difficult for me. I have always found it strange that I am compelled to paint in a loose and slightly messy style, although I seem to be getting tidier as time goes by, which doesn't please me at all. I think like me, you need people to urge you to be brave and let go. Kim has done quite a good job at times of making me do this, but I backslide though without continually prodding. The only thing I have discovered, which has really helped me, is to learn from every artist you admire, but (and it is a big but) then go out and do it totally your way. Have your own style so you are never painting and trying to second guess what another artist would do, because it never works. You have to be able to know what the next move is yourself without reference to anyone else. I think you know that I went on an amazing course with the great Charles Reid and I learned so much from him. However, I came away with that knowledge knowing that I would try to apply it to how I paint rather than coming away trying to turn myself into a CR clone. I am now having a break from pure painting to try pen and wash. The problem with that medium to date is that I have been heavily influenced by some artists who are brilliant at it and I must stop this and discover my own style and find out what turns me on. Sometimes, I think I was a better artist when I knew nothing and just went on a gut reaction as to how to paint something. A little knowledge and all that.... Anyway, good luck with the journey because I think it is a journey in which you never reach the destination.

Fabulous piece, Fiona! Love the atmosphere and the brushwork.

Many thanks Seok.

Beautiful. It seems that the simpler the better for you and landscapes - wonderful glowing atmosphere.

Hang on Studio Wall

Simple composition and simple palette. I may get braver by the end of the week! Done on Arches with Old Holland watercolours; U marine, L. red, B.umber and B. sienna.

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