Kirstie’s Monster Challenge....Dust Bunny!

Kirstie’s Monster Challenge....Dust Bunny!

Yes I have them Fiona, especially when the sun shines you can see the little critters under the TV and as you say the sun always shines when I get visitors !

Oh no! The dreaded dust bunny. LOL

looks like its going to eat my carrots Fiona.

Ha ha, its when they jump out and bite you on the leg you have to start worrying.

Ridiculous but funny. perfectly.

Mine can stay in the corner,a little longer I have painting to do. Lol. Love this made me smile.

Kirstie, that’s just what they want you to think, that they’re cute and cuddly, before you know it they will be sat next to you on the sofa eating popcorn and watching Watership down! Dennis, funny spelt Yes Carole you’ve got them worked out, you and I could be ‘Bunny Sisters’, start off a global hit list. Oh YES Louise, you’ve evaded the question.....are you a have or have not? Lol John your carrots are safe, their favourite nibbles are pocket fluff and digestive crumbs... the dark chocolate ones especially. That’s what they go for under my sofa anyway. Linda no worries on that score, I’ve had my Rabies jabs!

Now then Mr. Bickley how many have you got? Can you honestly say, hand on heart, that when you’ve seen that slight movement under your easel and your beloved Lil is nowhere to be seen, you haven’t suspected that somethings not quite right in middle earth? Lol. Cheers Andre! Lesley, I’ve tried the denial road, it doesn’t work. You have to be strong and say “ I am a dusty bunny addict”. There is help out there, you’re not alone. Oh for goodness sake this is silly...stop only encourages me! Lol

I fellin love with him as soon as I saw him Fiona.

Oh NO Marjorie..okay, don’t panic, call 911...or whatever it is these days! In the mean time, lay with your feet elevated and breath into a paper bag. This procedure won’t cure you but the little buggers can’t get to your toes! Lol

its a bit of a cutie though Fiona

I love the drawing Fiona but you should get the duster on them.

Oh Fiona this is wonderful, what a terrific imagination! I don't like those dust bunnies, they get everywhere I think they will be taking over the world soon!

Clever, clever Fiona...I have a plethora of dusty buns especially under the bed.

It's great Fiona , I think our house is ..... dust free

He wants to look like a monster but he is too cute for that.

You’ve been drawn in too Dennis, keep your eye on Arthur. They are too quick Mick! Margaret, they already have! Sylvia, you have my unconditional admiration, your situation is critical. I’ve contacted the National team and they have been in touch with their Welsh counterparts, you should get a call from the team that use the catchphrase, “who you gotta call......Dustbusters”. Dermot, you just haven’t seen them yet! Lol Oh Mia, you need help, you’ve been compromised! Thank you all for your humorous comments.

Beautifully done, Fiona! You are possessed of a marvellous imagination and a wonderful sense of humour.

So funny and clever !

Lol Wib.....imagination? No Wib it’s all real, honest! Ref, the sense of humour, not sure my husband would agree with that, he suffers. Lol Thanks very much Richard.

Very cute, Fiona!

Oh no Chandra, you’ve fallen under his spell too! Thanks very much.

Really lively, full of energy. Definitely a grumpy bunny. You have a very interesting and unusual gallery.

Lol, thank you Paul.

Hang on Studio Wall

Okay who is going to own up to having one or two of these little monsters lurking about in the corners of the room? Mine always embarrass me by scooting out from under the sofa when I have visitors!

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