River Bladnoch

River Bladnoch

It's still a signature Phipps. I can't remember the sketch. Better than my watercolour efforts!

I think it's a nice piece Fiona love the colours as always. The trees and fence line are really effective, I can see what you men about the atmosphere, for a cold , dreich October afternoon it may be a wee bit bright in spots but it's still a cracking piece of work. Love the little spot of red in the hedge line.

lovely scene Fiona well painted as ever great use of colour David Harrison

This is lovely Fiona, nice composition, and as Malcolm says, the trees and fence line are really effective, as is the water.

Lovely piece Fiona, atmospheric and a limited palette as always which works. I do like the light area on the water, takes the eye through nicely.

Agree with all caught great Fiona

It still works Fiona. I love the sense of distance achieved and the reflections in the water.

Yes, there's something about it that doesn't quite 'feel' right...(more than usual that is)....I like the sky...lol. Many thanks for you feedback everyone, much appreciated as always. Looking at it again, I think it's muddy...perhaps that's it? Gone overboard with the 'dreich' effect!

I always find if difficult to paint from a sketch, I find it easier from a photo, perhaps I don't have a good enough memory! I think the ones you paint looking through your windows are fresher but I do like the movement you have got on the water.

I find it difficult to paint from a photo Stephen, I always want to put too much in and it seems to change my application somehow. I much prefer to stand in front of what I'm painting, I seem to pin point what I want to include and ignore much easier. Thank you for your comment.

Only you know that Fiona, I think it's lovely, it does look cold and with a wintry light. With Malcolm, I like the touches of red.

I can spot a Phipps a mile away and its a.lovely one at that well done Fiona.

Fiona, excellent composition superb

That's often the way, isn't it....? But I like the atmosphere you HAVE captured - it looks suitably oppressive, and I particularly like the way you've tackled the water. That light patch just before the bank is very important at lifting the picture.

The colours, marks and tones convey a cold rural scene very clearly to me Fiona. The stiff frosting of the trees and grasses and especially the icy water effects are brilliantly crafted messages. Skilful work.

Very nice painting as always, Fiona, and lovely palette.

I think you have created atmosphere in this painting Fiona, also like the feeling of distance you have created, but sometimes like you I feel sketches capture the moment better when painting on location. Like this piece.

It's there in buckets Fiona, lovely work as always.

Marjorie, Dennis, Jenny, Robert, Michael, Cesare, Michael, Graham and Derek......thank you very much, you've made me look at this with new eyes. Robert, that's exactly the feeling I was trying to convey.

Still very beautiful Fiona, great cool colours.

I like it Fiona....a lot! I love your sky and that light you've caught in the river, it certainly works for me.

I like the sky, too, Fiona, and distant hills. Difficult to pinpoint what is wrong elsewhere (if anything!). However, I think the painting would have more impact with a much starker, dark tree trunk and branches on the left against the sky and background hills. Also, perhaps make the line of trees get more and more indistinct with distance. Just a thought. I always enjoy seeing your work and the ability you have to slosh on the paint with gay abandon! Your landscapes rarely look 'stiff'.

Just perfect to me Fiona. You have a lovely way with watercolour.

A bit late in the day for me, almost missed it Fiona, but as everyone else has said, it is a wonderful painting, you are so skilled with your brush strokes and colours.

Carole, Val and Michael....many thanks for your comments. Michael, I may try to wash out the further away hedge a little, especially around the tree, as you say it might make it stand out a little more. It's funny you use the phrase, 'slosh on', that's exactly what I do......I don't even know if I'm sloshing it in the right place sometimes. lol Thank you for your feedback. Thank you Sarah, you are very kind.

Thank you David!!

That's a lovely piece of work Fiona , a beautiful looseness about it and the water for me is the jewel in the crown

Superb Fiona!

Thank you both very much....very kind.

It's a good watercolor all around, Fiona. And it is still replete with atmosphere, even if it doesn't quite reflect what you wanted. I think it's super.

Hang on Studio Wall

14"x10" watercolour on Arches. I painted the sketch for this last October, it was a cold, dreich late afternoon.....I don't think I've captured the atmosphere in this as well as I did in the sketch.

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