Paul Hardy


Based in tropical Leicester I consider myself to be an amateur artist but see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Born on the same day President Kennedy was shot so I can remember where I was at the time!! I still have a headache!! I detest pretentions and find sadly that there are many with such in the art world. Despite this I am happy to ignore this and to be part of it. I have been inspired to get into painting at the age of 52 by Terry Harrison. I prefer watercolours to work with although ocassionally use acrylics and watercolour pencils. Pastels and me just don't get along I'm afraid!! I have suffered recent ill health 2 x heart attacks and multiple physical and mental health conditions including spending a week in a suicide sanctuary in North London in 2015. I still suffer with chronic depression and find that painting is a release and a relaxing activity from the crap of general day to day life. If you like my work then please feel free to leave a comment. If your comment/feedback is good bad or indifferent it matters not all is welcome. If you are brave enough then I'm brave enough to accept your commissions. Pay only when satisfied. Contact me via my email address [email protected] I have listings occasionally on ebay. My ebay username is inspiredwatercolours Additionally the majority of my art displayed on here is available for sale at very reasonable prices. Please contact me for further information