Playing Again!

Playing Again!

You play and produce wonders, I focus and produce a headache and a muddy mess. It's lovey Fiona.

Interesting experiment and a good lively result, not a mess, I prefer these loose sketches.

It is very lovely, Fiona, the ink works very well.

Thanks very much Gudrun, Michael, Alan and Cesare......appreciate you taking the time to look.

The ink's gone a greeny brown which goes really well with the red. The vase and flowers are loose and lovely.

Fiona love this and the colours

im playing every time its fun and your play came up with this lovely little piece well done Fiona lovely

It works for me as well Fiona - great bit of experimentation.

It's an interesting on Fiona, the ink has produced some interesting shades and shapes, the flowers have something about them , yes an interesting one.

Playing! This is wonderful Fiona, a great result. Thanks for the info too.

It's not a mess at all Fiona, it's rather a marvellous result of an experiment. You are so good at trying different papers and drawing/ painting materials and of course that's the only way of learning to know them and then choose what is suitable for you. Well done!

Fiona I admire your approach to trying and experimenting with different media in the end a very good result David Harrison

Love it Fiona always find time to play

Thanks for posting this, Fiona.To my eye it looks wonderful in shape and colour and it is also so interesting to hear about your materials in experiments. Happy play!

Love this Fiona...think it one of your best...

Thanks ever so much everyone for your support and encouragement, it's very much appreciated. I'll keep you posted with any other results and effects.

Love the colours, Fiona, the Quink has produced some interesting effects - and I like the way you've kept the white space around the flowers and vase, it gives it a nice fresh feel to it.

Thanks Jenny!

A real touch of magic Fiona, really vibrant tones with proper mystery.

You say its a mess Fiona, but actually I think this is a fabulous sketch, you must have had fun experimenting with this one.

I love it fiona it's a success...

Many thanks Anthony, David and're very kind!

Far too harsh................on yourself Fiona, I would never attempt this subject or even the experimentation that you do. I like it.

Thank you Derek, very much.

It's absolutely not a mess! It's stunning, Fiona! Really excellent use of hard and soft edges. Fabulous work!

A lovely result Fiona, and I like the muted colours.

Thanks very much Seok and Chandra.

It works Fiona and it's totally unique , I really like it ... The only thing I would do is strengthen that red a bit as I feel it give the piece extra punch

I'll do that right away Dermot, thank you for your suggestion and comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

16" x 12" Quink ink with a little watercolour, on Jackson's rough paper. Now, I know this is a complete mess...oh yes it is......but I'm really trying out Quink ink on different papers to see the effects really. So far, the best results have been on Arches (not) it seems to split the best and also it bleeds the best colours.

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