The Undertaker

The Undertaker

Another super print Fiona. I love your Crows.

It just shows the wisdom we have forgotten Lovely Fiona

I like this Fiona!

yes FIONA another lovely print you know I love crows and I love this .

Really like these Lino prints, never done, one. bet it's therapeutic . The crow looks great.

Peter, Dennis, Linda, Dennis, Andre, Ivan.......thank you for liking my Crows. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea but I love them. I have so many photos of this pair I could do hundreds....but I won't, you'll would probably go off Crows for life!!lol Thanks again.

Love the stark yet artistic linear quality of this piece, Fiona! Beautifully done!

I love the simplicity of this print Fiona. The lack of background really draws attention to the lovely crow. I once painted a Raven And half of my art group exclaimed 'Ugh, horrible evil birds'. Such a shame they have a bad press - they are so clever!

A mine of information Fiona, but I prefer this one, its simple background shows of the strength of the bird which you have created superbly. A very good effort indeed. <br />PS. Feeling ok so far today F...

Love it Fiona beautifully stated , I was just wondering if one totally reversed the white for black and black for white what sort of look it would have as it would then be a white bird on a black background , maybe a dove or something similar ?<br />Don&#39;t mind me I&#39;m always having these weird ideas :)

Thanks for the info Fiona, lovely Lino print.

Seok, Michael, Julie, many thanks for your comments. Julie I&#39;m glad there are one or two of you out there that are as nutty about Corvids as I am. Thanks!

Thank you very much Alan! Glad to see you commenting again and feeling much better.......leave those brushes alone until you&#39;re A1 mind!lol<br /><br />Great idea Dermot, I&#39;ll have a go and see what happens......thank you for your kind comment.<br /><br />Thanks very much Carole, much appreciated.

Simple and effective.

Thanks Frank!

I&#39;m with Alan. It&#39;s a very strong image like this. I ought to have known about the Norse mythology!?

Thank you again Gudrun, appreciate your comment. I find Norse mythology fascinating.

Hang on Studio Wall

Lino print. This is the other half of the 'undertakers' that visit the garden. I took the background out completely from this one, I think I prefer the other background effect over this one. In Norse mythology two Raven's/ Crows were the eyes and ears of Odin, they were called 'Hugin' (thought) and 'Munin' (memory or mind).

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