Pastel - Cree Estuary

Pastel - Cree Estuary

Very fine pastel, Fiona, and very nice colours. This makes me want to try pastels.

Lovely pastel Fiona with like me a rudimentary selection of pastels

For all your woes and difficulties, this has come out very well Fiona. Worth trying a few more?

Yep, just think what you could do with the right paper and materials. Lovely light on the water (hope that wasn't the rain).

To say it has been through the wars, I think it is a great little painting Fiona, I tried and failed with pastels a long time ago and they have lived in the drawer ever since, you obviously have the touch, nice one.

I&#39;ve no doubt that it was a more colourful work before it was rained on, the sky in particular seems to have suffered. I do like the distant hills fading away into the sky and the water, excellent, and some neat work in the foreground.<br /><br />

Lovely sense if regression and mist Fiona. I have some good pastels they look pretty in the box! Good on you for giving this a go, even in the rain!

I&#39;ll have to see your oil again now. As Alan says, the sky is a little bleary!

Lovely and soft atmosphere to this Fiona!

Not really a very good example of a pastel, but it wasn&#39;t meant to be, I just wanted to try and get a familiar feel for the scene and for reference. Half of it is missing Alan, most of it was washed off by the rain. lol Thanks everyone for your comments.

There doesn&#39;t seem to be anything you can&#39;t turn your hand to and work your magic on Fiona, this is lovely.

By this example I can&#39;t turn my hand to pastels Thank you for looking.x

A simple scene, yet so atmospheric. I love your economy of lines too. Super work, Fiona!

You are very generous Seok, thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Robert Jones posted a pre-painting pastel sketch recently, this is my one ever pastel (except for a portrait) done for exactly the same reason as Robert's, it was a pre-sketch done for the oil 'Cree Estuary' posted a little while ago. I found it a very useful exercise, in this instance. A lot of the pastel has come off it now and it was rained on. 12"x9" the paper is a bit out of an old grey scrap book, the pastels are about twenty years old, mainly dust and bits at the bottom of the box and very limited colours.

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